Mariella Frostrup
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We finish this series with the legendary Mariella Frostrup. Having smashed through the career glass ceilings so many times - reinventing herself over and over when being told she can’t - her reward is being the cultural presenting icon she is today, and feeling secure in herself as she hits menopause. We’re joined by nutritionist Paul Chamberlain, who says it’s all about balance and that Omega 3 is what we need when it comes to keeping our brains tip-top and sharp.

The Motherkind Podcast
The Motherkind Podcast
Zoe Blaskey
How to make your peace of mind a priority with Sheri Riley
Sheri Riley says that peace is the new success and we need to make it our highest priority. I absolutely love that and I’m so pleased she joined me for such a powerful and uplifting conversation on the Motherkind podcast. We think that pursuing peace means that we need to calm down or slow down. She says the opposite is true and that the power of peace is what is going to enhance our lives and fill the void. Real, internal, palpable, and substantive peace. I could list a dozen more bullets about what we dug into, here are just a few: - Sheri's breakdown to breakthrough - How Sheri did a 360-degree transformation of her life - How to put interconnectedness and calm first - Why is peace the new success - How do you stop putting 100% of your time on 10% of who you are expecting 100% of your fulfillment - How do you love the career you have and your life Big gratitude to Zendium for supporting me and the podcast. Zendium toothpaste naturally strengthens your mouth’s natural defenses and reduces bad bacteria responsible for dental problems. It also contains mild flavours and ingredients which are kinder to your mouth. It is free from SLS, a foaming agent that can irritate the mouth's soft tissues and alter taste. This makes Zendium suitable for even the most delicate mouths, including pregnant women suffering from morning sickness. It’s available for both adults and children. All you need to do is head to and enter the code MOTHERKIND at checkout for 20% off their kids and adult range.
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