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MSM-264 Suffixes matter
Dec 28, 2013
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MSM 264: Suffixes matter & Sunshine on the Soap Bubbles . . . Then there was a ding. Presented in collaboration with the Association for Middle Level Education. Jokes You Can Use: Eileen Award: iTunes: Twitter: Jodi Stewart, Coach Burk, Michael Carton Google+: Facebook: Advisory: T-Rex I've included a link for you to print out your own. The trick looks best through a camera. If you close one eye and move back and forth it works pretty good too. GreenT-Rex image http://i.imgur.com/vBDV8o5.jpg Red T-rex http://i.imgur.com/80DDCYy.jpg Blue T-rex http://i.imgur.com/Z8lZnoK.jpg Winter Soap Bubbles http://www.boredpanda.com/frozen-bubbles-winter-photography-angela-kelly/ Middle School Science Minute by Dave Bydlowski (k12science or davidbydlowski@mac.com) MIDDLE SCHOOL SCIENCE MINUTE-POWERPOINT FLASHCARDS I was recently reading the November, 2013 issue of Science Scope, a magazine for middle school science teachers, published by the National Science Teachers Association. I then read the article "Increasing Science Vocabulary Using PowerPoint Flash Cards.” In order to help improve science vocabulary in the school, they did the following: 1. Explored Science-Vocabulary Acquisition 2. Implemented Vocabulary Instructional Practices 3. Implemented PowerPoint Flash Cards 4. Integrated Science Vocabulary as a School-Wide, Universal Support System. http://k12science.net/Podcast/Podcast/Entries/2013/12/4_Middle_School_Science_Minute-PowerPoint_Flashcards.html From the Twitterverse: #mschat every Thursday at 8:00 pm Eastern Standard Time. Strategies: Resources: Open Library https://openlibrary.org/ Web Spotlight: Turn 0 Phrase Identify colloquial phrases. http://turn-o-phrase.appspot.com/ ‘Small typo’ casts big doubt on teacher evaluations http://www.politico.com/story/2013/12/small-typo-casts-big-doubt-on-teacher-evaluations-education-101517.html#.UrnmXe55TWk.twitter 5 Ideas To Bring Parents Into The Learning Process by George Couros • December 26, 2013 Here are some ways that we can build strong connections with the parents in our school communities: Use what the kids use Have an open mind Tap into parent leadership Focus on open communication Create learning opportunities http://connectedprincipals.com/archives/9881 Why All Students Should Write: A Neurological Explanation by Judy Willis M.D., M.Ed., radteach.com http://www.teachthought.com/literacy-2/why-all-students-should-write-a-neurological-explanation-for-literacy/
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