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Nov 2, 2013
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Presented in collaboration with the Association for Middle Level Education. Jokes You Can Use: Eileen Award: Twitter: Tricia Fuglestad, Tara Kuty Advisory: Myers-Briggs Introduction to the Cognitive Style Inventory This modest self-scoring inventory is Not a substitute for taking an MBTI ®. It is simply an introduction to personality type or psychological type. We hope it whets your appetite for learning more about the Myers and Briggs model of personality development and its message of increased human understanding. The Style Inventory will allow you to approximate what are your MBTI Type preferences. After determining your 4 Type letters, you can jump to a number of links we have provided to help you get acquainted with the characteristics and indicators of the 16 types and verify if your type, as determined by this "unscientific" survey, seems to "fit" or not. http://www.personalitypathways.com/type_inventory.html Does Being Rich make you Different? Science can explain a lot of things that I've always wondered about (go, science!). In this case, it explains what I've known for a long time but been unable to quite understand: Why do some folks who have a lot more money than others seem to be less nice and more evil to everyone around them? At 0:50, someone actually takes candy from babies. No, really. At 3:00, we start to see the science unfold before our eyes. Entire management courses could — and should — be taught with the bit starting at 4:40. http://www.whydontyoutrythis.com/2013/07/take-two-normal-people-add-money-to-just-one-of-them-and-watch-what-happens-next.html Middle School Science Minute by Dave Bydlowski (k12science or davidbydlowski@mac.com) Petri Plate Disposal I was recently reading "The NSTA Ready Reference Guide to Safer Science," written by Ken Roy of the Glastonbury Public Schools. In this book, Key answers questions that have been submitted by middle school science teachers. In this podcast, Ken answers the following question: "What is a safe way to dispose of Petri Plates used to grow mold and bacteria?" If you would like to order Ken's book, please visit the NSTA bookstore at: http://nsta.org/store http://k12science.net/Podcast/Podcast/Entries/2013/10/11_Middle_School_Science_Minute-Petri_Plate_Disposal.html From the Twitterverse: #mschat every Thursday at 8:00 pm Eastern Standard Time. Strategies: Resources: http://ayearofproductivity.com/10-things-learned-productivity-watching-70-hours-ted-talks-last-week/ SwipeSpeare Shakespeare has all the ingredients of a big budget movie—if you can understand him. SwipeSpeare puts the words of the Bard into plain and simple English with a Swipe of a finger! Unlike other apps that put the original and modern side-by-side in a way that is distracting and hard to read, SwipeSpeare only shows you the modern text when you want to see it. Simply swipe your finger over the text, and the text will change; swipe it again and it will change back. Romeo & Juliet is free. http://www.swipespeare.com/features.html Web Spotlight: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/answer-sheet/wp/2013/10/18/what-poor-children-need-in-school/ Half-Baked Ideas . . . If you’re at AMLE, say, “Hi!” A couple of observations about AMLE this year. 1. It’s going to be colder than usual. 2. No conference App this year. Yea, verily. There is much sadness . . . 3. If you see a person wearing a Middle School Matters podcast shirt, be sure to say hello. Hope to see you there! (If I have MSM pencils, you can have one for free!)
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