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MSM-205 Split or Steal
May 5, 2012
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Jokes You Can Use: “I haven’t slept for days.” How come? I only sleep at night. On Our Mind: ESL objectives, Professional Development & How to Win Friends and Influence People. #PLNfail Congrats to all the EMU students who were dismissed today . . . Eileen Award: Jeffry Prickett (Facebook & Twitter) Eleanor Ricardo Advisory: Food http://twentytwowords.com/2012/04/25/chart-showing-the-10-companies-that-own-most-of-the-food-products-we-buy/ Split or Steal Here’s the deal. £13,600 are on the line. Each contestant must choose Split or Steal. If they both choose Split, they each get half of the money. If one chooses Split and the other Steal, the one who chose Steal gets all the money. And if they both choose Steal, nobody gets any money. Before they choose, they are allowed to discuss their plan together. It is a battle of wits, combining both logic and the ability to read and manipulate one’s opponent. Check out how one ingenious contestant chose to let this scenario play out… http://twentytwowords.com/2012/04/28/split-or-steal-a-creative-and-kind-use-of-logic-and-manipulation/ Middle School Science Minute by Dave Bydlowski (k12science or davidbydlowski@mac.com) The topic is Reading Ladders and Science. "Climb on up and enjoy the podcast." From the Twitterverse: News: Change the World Parents who sued school over son's punishment for cheating receive hate messages http://www.mercurynews.com/san-mateo-county-times/ci_20493867/parents-who-sued-school-over-sons-punishment-cheating and the follow up: http://www.latimes.com/news/opinion/opinion-la/la-ol-school-cheat-20120427,0,1656872.story Evaluate Me, Please http://teachfromtheheart.wordpress.com/2012/04/24/evaluate-me-please/ Resources: KANEX Pro- AirPlay® Mirroring For VGA Projector http://www.kanexlive.com/atvpro Technology Integration Matrix Grade Level Index This page provides a breakdown of videos within the Technology Integration Matrix by grade level. Although you may be primarily interested in a particular level, we encourage you to view the ways in which technology is used in other grade levels. For example, you will find videos of high school classrooms in which the technology tools could be used in the same way with middle school or elementary level students. Some videos involve students from both middle and high school grades and some involve students from both middle and elementary grades. These videos appear in both lists below. http://fcit.usf.edu/matrix/gradelevel.php TED-Ed - Insults by Shakespeare Watch Quick Quiz Think Dig Deeper If you sign in, you can make adjustments on most sections of the page. For example, you can deselect Quick Quiz questions, add Think questions, and add links to the Dig Deeper section. http://ed.ted.com/lessons/insults-by-shakespeare Google Education On-Air https://sites.google.com/site/eduonair/home Virtual 4T Conference The Virtual Conference will be held May19th through May 22nd. It is a 24/7 conference and is free and open to any educator. *Disclosure- I’m presenting a session. http://4tvirtualcon.soe.umich.edu/ Conference Sessions: http://4tvirtualcon.soe.umich.edu/?page_id=54 or https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/pub?key=0Amyg3kn2ZRP0dC1yMGxfVV9xTzkwYVIzVDhhbUtfUGc&output=html Web Spotlight: Broomstick I'm Sebastian, a 14 year old Kiwi innovator, Mac app developer, student and tech enthusiast from New Zealand, currently living in Paris. http://www.zibity.com/broomstick Dangerously Irrelevant: Web videos educators should see http://dangerouslyirrelevant.org/2010/11/12-videos-to-spark-educators-thinking.html Strategies: TinkerCad Design in 3D what you've always dreamed of, but never thought possible. Until now. Join the Tinkercad community and learn how to create your first real things in just a few minutes. https://tinkercad.com/home/ or 3D Tin Create 3D models in your browser. http://www.3dtin.com/ Events & Happenings: Calendar of Events:
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