092: Making Decisions with Self-Trust and Integrity
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In this episode, Rachael shares two super important pieces that have helped her build a multiple-six-figure brand & feel grounded in her integrity throughout the process.


In this episode, Rachael gets into

  • The importance of understanding that there is always more to learn and ways to grow.
  • The beauty of working in different spaces and experiencing the unique tone and perspective of another coach or teacher.
  • The beginner’s mind in the world of social media and marketing, and being willing to be bad at something new in the pursuit of becoming great
  • Applying a beginner’s mind with everything in your life, avoiding the “I know it all” attitude and being open to receiving coaching and challenging your perspectives
  • Consistently investing in the spaces and people that expand you.
  • Her investments in herself
  • The nuance of investing in yourself, that you don’t “need” to invest, but what happens when you do follow your desires and invest
  • Receiving support as someone who supports others, and the very real human emotions that come from being human
  • How valuable support from others is in her being able to show up in the capacity that she does
  • Taking a long-term view of investment, knowing that the return on investment won’t necessarily happen overnight, but doing it anyways.
  • Utilizing the resources that are available to you, and the weird distinction between student loans and credit cards or business loans
  • The difference between debt and investing in yourself, your vision and your dreams
  • Investing in a container with a teacher or coach is about so much more than just the information that will be provided, it’s about who you become in the process
  • Why investing in a mastermind is so f*cking powerful, and the amazing magick and community that occurs with all the other people in the space with you  
  • Expanding your vulnerability edges through masterminds, and showing up as yourself and for yourself in the edginess of being in community
  • The difference between a 1-on-1 container and a Mastermind, and the exponential growth that’s possible by rising alongside other leaders
  • Making decisions that are in alignment and integrity with who you desire to be, not just what you see in front of you or who you see in front of you
  • Having self-trust as a foundational aspect in making decisions about investing in yourself and your business, and trusting that the decisions you make are for your fulfillment and desires
  • How feeling nervous to jump into what’s unfamiliar is normal, but to not let that keep you back and to learn to expand your ability to tolerate that discomfort
  • The relationship with mentorship, coaching, your business and money, and asking yourself what you need right now and who do you need to become to achieve your desires

 Thank you so much for being here!


So excited for you to dive into this week's episode!




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