032: Stop making yourself wrong for what you desire
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In this week’s episode Rachael comes to us live from Instagram to chat all about the importance of stopping the shame, the guilt, & the self-judgement about the things that you desire.


Rachael Breaks Down:

  • What would happen if you stopped making yourself so fucking wrong all the time
  • What sparked the desire to speak about not making yourself so wrong for what we desire
  • Her story around fitness and going to the gym, why she took a step back, and what’s making her want to get back into it
  • That there is nothing wrong with wanting to change your body, but what matters is what the reasons for that are
  • How desiring something from a place of love is beautiful
  • What happens when you’re deeply embodied in your pleasure and joy
  • The importance of loving yourself and desiring the things you want
  • Creating harmony with others through loving yourself
  • What happens when you deeply devote yourself to your truth
  • What The Embodied Leadership Mastermind is all about


Write your own damn story, believe in yourself so fully that you are enough that what you desire is absolutely yours to have. It gets to be yours, your desire gets to be enough.


Stop making yourself wrong. When you do, so much opens up for you. You get to have it all, you get to speak your truth.


Thank you so much for tuning in!


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