094: Liberating Your Expression: The Challenge of Showing Up As Who You Actually Are
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Today, Rachael dives deep into the importance of exploring your identity and liberating your expression by being unapologetically yourself. 

She discusses how to get clear on your self-concept and how to shift your identity, as well as how to be mindful of your actions and still embrace who you are, even if you are not for everyone.

Additionally, Rachael emphasizes the importance of work that’s deeper than just creating success and how it's really about who you are and being liberated. Finally, she challenges listeners to consider how they are showing up in the world, and how they can move differently as they expand their visibility.      


In this episode, Rachael gets into

  • How and why the identity you hold is literally where true transformation and change occurs
  • Exploring what is under the surface, the identity-based beliefs that are expansive and those that don’t support who
  • Dismantling the binary, there is always nuance and it’s all happening right here, right now 
  • The need to understand who you are being inside of what you are doing
  • Getting more clear on your self-concept and being very honest with yourself about what is actually true for you right now
  • Meeting yourself in the eyes of love to shift your core beliefs and be more embodied in what is actually true for you
  • Holding yourself through the lens of “I’ve got my back no matter what, I am unfuckwithable,” And recognizing that you are still a human being through this.
  • Shifting her identity from what she previously experienced in her childhood as she birthed her business into the world
  • Moving away from compartmentalizing who you are and embracing your multifaceted self
  • Inviting you into the question of who are you giving your power away to?
  • Is your need for acceptance greater than your need for being true to who you are?
  • The inevitability that as you grow your business and get really big that there will be moments that break your heart or shake you
  • Her belief that true fulfilment comes from devotion, self-discipline, befriending discomfort and being the type of person that can hold themselves through the wide range of sensations, not just the ease in life
  • Why it’s extremely dangerous to box yourself into a binary way of thinking, and the need to see the nuance
  • How the idea of never causing harm is an impossible fucking standard.
  • The importance of internalizing that liberated expression and being unapologetic in who you are is not synonymous with being an asshole and not being mindful.
  • If and when you believe that you have caused harm and acted out of integrity, own that and repair where that harm was caused.
  • Having discernment in what is for you and what is not, and recognizing that you can be liberated and be mindful of your actions
  • The invitation to acknowledge that you get to truly embrace who the fuck you actually are and that it’s absolutely okay that you are not for everybody.
  • That you get to change your mind, you get to evolve and grow and that different things can be true for you on different days and that’s okay.
  • Holding the emotional intelligence and the flexibility in your nervous system that is needed as you expand your visibility in the world
  • The work is so much deeper than creating success, how much money you make or how good your branding is, it’s about who the fuck you are and being liberated.
  • Things to consider around how you are showing up in the world surrounding what you allow into yourself
  • Where you’re headed next is going to ask that you move differently
  • Rachael’s passion around her upcoming mastermind Liberation

Thank you so much for being here!

So excited for you to dive into this week's episode!




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