025: Rising as an embodied leader & dismantling hierarchies
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In this week’s episode Rachael talks about the importance of embracing who you are in your business, what being an embodied leader means, and the value of understanding that hierarchies are illusions. 


Rachael Breaks Down:

  • What she thinks is important for coaches
  • How credentials don’t mean anything if you are not embodied
  • Her love of learning & what she does
  • That hierarchies are illusions
  • That the way to be an amazing coach is through who you are being
  • The importance of words and the language we use
  • Taking responsibility for your triggers and how you respond to things that challenge you
  • Looking for the mirrors that people hold up for you
  • How being embodied in what you do can be activating
  • How putting yourself in the energy of embodied coaches can help you achieve what they have


What have you been putting on a pedestal? And what makes you feel like you are below it? Where have you created a hierarchy that you are willing and choosing to dismantle?


Guess what? We get to rise together, we are equals, and we all get a seat at the table.


Thank you so much for tuning in!


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