072: Using Human Design in Your Business with Kehla G
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In this week’s episode, Rachael is joined by spiritual mindset coach Kehla G (@kehlag) who specializes in Human Design and Gene Keys.  This is an amazing episode to dive into. Human Design and Gene Keys can be such a powerful way of understanding yourself on a deeper level and can make a massive impact on how you show up. 

In this episode Rachael & Kehla cover:
  • What Human Design is
  • How you can use Human Design to navigate through your life and business
  • How Human Design influences who you are as a person
  • How you lead and how you are showing up in your business today
  • Conversations around Entrepreneurship and what it means to lead deeply embodied in your unique brilliance
  Show Notes (With Time Stamps):
  • When Rachael & Kehla Connected [1:50]
  • Who Kehla is & how she got into what she does now [3:30]
  • The parallels in Rachael and Kehla’s journey [6:00]
  • What is Human Design [7:40]
  • What you will see in your Human Design Chart [9:00]
  • The link between Human design & self-trust [11:00]
  • Rachael’s story with Human design [11:50]
  • “What makes using human design to navigate through your life and your business so valuable?” [13:12]
  • “How the initial terminology that was used in the human design world could be misconstrued.” [17:20]
  • Staring to go over Rachael’s Chart [17:40] - Include link to IGTV that shows this
  • Basic Definition of a Manifesting Generator [17:46]
  • Being an unconscious Self-Projecting Projector [19:05]
  • Being a conscious Reflector [20:00]
  • The value of understanding your Human Design chart on a deeper level [22:50]
  • “There is no one right answer, and that’s what I love about Human Design. I think what’s important is that people just pick up what resonates with them, and just leave the rest.” [25:40]
  • What came to Rachael when she started to mix Gene Keys with her Human Design [26:35]
  • The origins of Gene Keys and link to Human Design [27:45]
  • The link between the Shadow and The Siddhi [28:55]
  • Kehla speaks to her own Gene Keys [29:45]
  • Contemplating your Gene Keys [31:04]
  • Discussion of Shadow’s value [34:30]
  • From the Shadow to Compassion & Peace [38:20]
  • Looking at Rachael’s Gene Keys [38:45]
  • The Evolution of Human Design [43:20]
  • Going into the fluidity of Human Design and changing language choices [43:54]
  • As human consciousness evolves our interpretations evolve [45:38]
  • “What does being an embodied leader mean to you?” [48:30]
  • Comparison of College or University and Entrepreneurship [51:00]
  • Kehla’s Offers and Social Media and Podcast [53:40]


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