Diversity and inclusion with Jennifer Borget: Why Racial Inclusion Matters and How to Be Better About It
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In September of 2019, I invited a friend of mine, Jennifer Borget, to have a conversation with me about racial inclusivity and how to teach my kids to be more racially inclusive. 

As we talked about what to air and who we might interview for this year’s upcoming Martin Luther King Day, the first since the death of George Flloyd, I felt really strongly that re-airing this episode would be the best thing to share today.

So many people weren’t listeners when this episode first aired. And even for those who were, this information is so needed, and especially relevant, as more people in 2021 are willing and wanting to be more inclusive and understanding of people whose backgrounds are different than theirs. 

As you take the time to listen to Jennifer’s words, I hope you’ll find some actionable takeaways that will help you and your children create more awareness, love, understanding, and inclusion in the days, years, and decades to come. At the end of the day, let us all remember humanity, and remember what it's like to care about your neighbors and just open your heart to loving others.


In this episode, you will hear:

  • How Jennifer's blog has evolved over the years
  • Her stance on being called African-American vs. Black
  • What having an interracial marriage is like
  • How to teach kids about race and empowering them to embrace their history
  • How to answer your kid’s question on skin color
  • How to prepare kids for situations in school 
  • Honing in on the message of self-love
  • Her reaction to Disney casting a Black actress in Little Mermaid
  • Taking the time to reach out and talk to someone who doesn’t look like you
  • Not being afraid of having these conversations
  • Jennifer’s list of must-read children’s books on diversity
  • What people should avoid saying or doing
  • What she hopes the world will be like
  • Hate isn’t the opposite of love, it’s fear.


Supporting Resources:

Jennifer’s blog: www.cherish365.com

Instagram: @jenniferborget


Jennifer’s list of must-read children’s books on diversity https://cherish365.com/20-must-read-childrens-books-black-history-month/

Cinderella with Brandi Norwood and Whitney Houston https://amzn.to/2l4JXFG


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