Homestead Gift Giving Guide
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It's close to the holidays and you may be wondering just what to get for your homesteading friends! In this episode of the Pioneering Today Podcast, I'm sharing the best gifts for homesteaders. Covering everything from the kitchen, to the garden, tools, gadgets, and more! For the full transcript and links visit

Pantry Chat
Pantry Chat
Homesteading Family
Happy New Year! 2020 Homestead Year in Review
This year is over and that means it’s time to reflect! 2020 has been exhausting and stressful for many and the year at Riverbend was no exception. In this episode of Pantry Chat, Josh and Carolyn look back at their past year at Riverbend to discuss successes, failures, and accomplishments while hinting at what might be coming up in 2021. *In this Episode* * Josh and Carolyn discuss the challenges of living in Idaho. * Josh and Carolyn describe ice skating on the ponds and family fun at the New Year’s ice skating party this year.  * Josh and Carolyn answer whether they will ever get horses and how their dating story has a fun connection to horses. * Josh talks about the four new people living at Riverbend. * Carolyn reflects on planning and the importance of thinking ahead while also looking back. * Carolyn is hosting a sourdough challenge on January 16th.  Join the waitlist now to have access to recipes right away! * Josh and Carolyn talk about working on the property and all the surprises that have come along with their rehab efforts.  * To see why horse logging was so helpful with property fixes this year, watch this video. * How grandma is doing sharing a bathroom with 10 kids and why the laundry room is challenging.  * Josh talks about producing compost and plans for next year with the compost. Should Josh make a video about his compost system? * Carolyn talks about her favorite method of egg preservation. Learn more about liming eggs. * The pros and cons and the success and failures of their garden, animals, food storage, as well as lessons learned.  *Resources: * * BCS Two Wheel Tractors * Sourdough Challenge Waitlist * Logging with Horses on the Homestead * Preserving Eggs Video
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The Beginner's Garden with Jill McSheehy
The Beginner's Garden with Jill McSheehy
Jill McSheehy
169 - Pros & Cons of Soil Blocking for Indoor Seed Starting
Interested in soil blocking? Today I am providing you with all the information you need to decide if this method is right for you. Show Notes: (*links below contain affiliate links, which means if you click through and make a purchase, we will earn a commission at no extra cost to you.) Before You Sow Mini Course Free download until January 31st! Complete Garden Planner Organic REV The first thing to understand about REV is that it is not an ordinary humic acid product that is chemically-extracted from leonardite, lignite, or other coals. Rather, it is a 100% naturally-occurring carbon, humic acid & fulvic acid source - along with exceptionally high levels of naturally-occurring microbial biomass that can increase nitrogen efficiency by up to 25%. REV replaces depleted soil carbon & bacterial biomass - and absorbs nutrients to make them more readily available to plants via their root systems. Promo Code for 10% off JILL10 How to Use Soil Blocks for Indoor Seed Starting Soil Block Maker Fox Farm Potting Mix Peat Moss ProMix Potting Soil Vegetable Gardening for Beginners Book: Connect with Jill: Sign up for Friday Emails: Instagram: Beginner's Garden Shortcut FB Group: Link to Beginner's Garden Podcast past episodes:
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Simple Farmhouse Life
Simple Farmhouse Life
Lisa Bass
83. Best Purchases of 2020
Some things make life on the homestead a little easier, or a little more comfortable. Here's my list for 2020.  Get my FREE blogging success masterclass: MY BLOG COURSE Learn how our family supports ourselves full-time on our homestead with our blog and Youtube channel with my blogging course. Join over 1000 students in learning how to grow your own blog from scratch in my proven program: Berkey water filter with Simple Farmhouse Life podcast discount- You can get the review here- Grab my Ebook recently updated with ALL of my sourdough recipes here- Get my free 10 day course on how to start a blog here- Follow along with Farmhouse on Boone: The blog- The Youtube channel- Instagram - GRAB MY FREE EBOOKS 5 Steps to an Organized Kitchen Mini Guide - Cleaning with Essential Oils - 5 Kefir Smoothie Recipes - Farmhouse Favorites Sourdough Recipes - Get my free essential oils class to learn all about the oils we use in the farmhouse! Watch it HERE - Thanks again for listening and I'll see you in the next episode of the Simple Farmhouse Life podcast!
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Gutsy Health | Nutrition and Medicine
Gutsy Health | Nutrition and Medicine
Juanique and Tristin Roney
Overcoming Emotional Eating with Tricia Nelson
*Show Summary:* *"To heal your hunger, you have to feel some hunger because that hunger informs you of what's going on."* Do you feel defeated because of your Yoyo diet? Do you feel frustrated from preventing yourself from binge eating unhealthy foods, but you still end up feeling guilty after a stressful day? Have you always been disappointed because of overeating? Tricia Nelson, the author of Heal Your Hunger book and a transformational speaker, shares her roller coaster experience in being an emotional eater. She tried many ways like diet, pills, programs, and consulted an eating disorder therapist to find solutions, but unfortunately, nothing worked for her.  She would always go back to her yoyo diet, which broke her hope of finding the real problem. Being focused on food and weight symptoms is not the key because it is just a symptom.  What you have to dive into and deal with are the underlying causes, like the emotional factors. Good thing, Tricia overcame this through the help of her spiritual healer by addressing the real cause of her eating disorder. Her journey has been her inspiration in educating people about food addiction or any health issues where the diet is involved. Listen as she breaks down the common misconceptions about food, emotional, and physical hunger. *Important Links* Gutsy Health Website Provo Health Instagram Heal Your Hunger Website Heal Your Hunger Book  Heal Your Hunger Instagram *Exceptional Highlight:* * “Whatever the health problem, diet plays a major part of getting the problem and then healing the problem.” *  We use food as a form of escape because of worry and stress and fear, we want to numb out. * Feed your body and get used to a regular schedule of eating, so that you have space between the meals.. *Show Highlights: * *What is Tricia’s story?* *Tricia 2:21* * I started out as an emotional eater, I think from the get go like as far back as I can, I remember food was a big highlight for me. *How did she figure out the missing piece to her problem?* *Tricia 5:1* * I was still young. I tried so many things, I'd actually lost some weight. And I was about to go back up the scale again, because that was my habit.  *How did she start to heal her hunger?* *Tricia  24:55* * I did a lot of intense work. After a year or so I was in so much of a better place, and I didn't have the cravings anymore. I was in a thin body and I could handle being in a thin body, feeling worthy of being seen or feeling comfortable. *How does one differentiate between emotional hunger and physical hunger* *Tricia  37:4* * I've been doing this work for over 30 years now and it amazes me as a motivator, like I'll get off a phone call that's really stressful and I’d be like, “I'm hungry”. * And I'll think, “What can I eat?” And then I'll have this conversation with myself. And I'd be like, “Wait, you know, you just had breakfast a couple hours ago. Are you really that hungry?” Support the show (
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Homemaker Chic
Homemaker Chic
Angela Reed & Shaye Elliott
10 Step Home Fresh Up
Stale winter house BE GONE!  Angela and Shaye are sharing ten ways to shake off the winter stale in your home and bring it to life even before Spring! * Today's show is brought to you by Angela's OLD WORLD DESIGN SOCIETY! *The Old World Design Society is a place for individuals who cherish the elements of a bygone era. It’s for people who live by the motto that ‘new is not always better’ and have a collective love for the lived-in spaces and heirloom pieces that make a ‘house’ a ‘home’. Craving inspiration? Velvet sofas, gilded frames, ironstone, hand-sewn linens, vintage books, regal estates, and charming cottages? If words like these are a part of your language, it can be difficult to find your way through a maze of all-white social media feeds. As a part of the Old World Design Society, you’ll have access to rich, inspiring creativity and education and, best of all, you’ll meet friends who speak your language.   Enjoy a quarterly publication (paper or digital), online group support, design challenges, early access to Angela's Private Collection Sales and more! JOIN at Cue the WINE MUSIC! ryFarmWinewithHomemakerChic Today’s “What We’re Sipping” segment is brought to you by Dry Farm Wines is an online wine subscription that pairs organic, biodynamic, naturally yeasted, low-sugar, lower-alcohol wines from all over the world. As Dry Farm customers, we get to share in their love for organic, natural and traditionally made wines.  “better, not more.” So check out their better wines. You can get either 3,6 or 12 bottles delivered to your door monthly. Drink Dry Farm Wines with Ang and Shaye!   Shop and Sip at: ryFarmWinewithHomemakerChic *NEW VIDEO VERSION OF THE SHOW!* Want to SEE the laughs, red lips, and stalking toddlers?  Become a Fan Girl Patron for our BIGGEST and latest perk ever!   Access to the VIDEO version of the show!   Now you can listen while you clean the house and WATCH while you snuggle up at night instead of Netflix.   As if your husband wasn't already sick of us!  Watch us eye roll, dance, and carry on as a Patron member you'll have TOTAL access to the video version of the show!   Visit to get hooked up! *For more follow us at:* Angela's Youtube Channel: Shaye's Youtube Channel:
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The Thriving Farmer Podcast
The Thriving Farmer Podcast
Michael Kilpatrick
109. Howard Prussack on Four Decades of Profitable Farming
What’s the oldest thriving organic farm in Vermont and how have they grown throughout the years? Find out today from Howard Prussack of High Meadows Farm, located just a short drive from the center of Putney, Vermont. High Meadows Farm is a 65 Acre farm of rolling hills and fertile soils, surrounded by oak and maple woodlands. As Vermont’s oldest certified organic farm, High Meadows has been providing the community and greater New England with premium organic vegetables and potted plants since 1979. The land has been used for farming as far back as the 1700s when it was once part of the historic Ranney family farm, the first settlers in town. A farm (and a farmer!) with so much history must be rich in knowledge, so be sure to check this one out! You’ll hear: How Howard began his farming journey and what’s happened since 0:45 What kind of tunnels Howard uses on the farm 20:54 How the growing season progresses on High Meadows Farm 23:56 Whether Howard prefers larger or smaller greenhouses 25:25 What kinds of field crops High Meadows Farm grows 37:02 How Howard’s team is assembled 44:12 The story behind their farmer’s market 54:38 When, Howard believes, is the best time to start a farm 1.01:34 The biggest mistake Howard sees newer farmers making 1.02:11 Where you can find out more about Howard and High Meadows Farm 1.10:10 About the Guest: High Meadows Farm is a 65 Acre farm of rolling hills and fertile soils, surrounded by oak and maple woodlands. Situated just a short drive from the center of Putney, VT, Vermont’s oldest certified organic Farm. High Meadows has been providing the community and greater New England with premium organic vegetables and potted plant plants since 1979. High altitude, cool evenings, and mineral rich soils are key to High Meadows’ sweet nutrient rich vegetables. This land has been used for farming as far back as the 1700s when it was once part of the historic Ranney family farm, the first settlers in this town. Prior to its purchase in 1979, the farm was primarily run as a dairy farm. Four and a half miles from the center of Putney, VT, High Meadows farm is located just adjacent to the site where NOFA VT was founded. NOFA’s 40th year celebration was held in the High Meadows Farm barn! Howard is responsible for the sales end of the business, including sourcing new accounts, arranging promotions, and selling in new items. He does all of the seeding, manages the facility, including greenhouse and field production, fertilizing, pest control, repairs and maintenance, greenhouse construction, and trucks. Howard runs the retail business at the farmer’s market as well. Lisa manages the plant inventories, plans the production schedule, is in charge of rooted cuttings and plant material purchases, and instituted lot control. Lisa keeps the business financial records, forecasts, sales, and expenses, and works on strategy with Howard. In addition, Lisa readies plant pots for sale and fills orders and loads trucks. Resources: Local Line -, Website - Facebook - Instagram -
1 hr 19 min
The Whole View
The Whole View
Stacy Toth and Sarah Ballantyne
Episode 439: A Conversation around Current Events
The Whole View, Episode 439: A Conversation around Current Events Welcome back to episode 439 of the Whole View. (0:27) Just last week, Stacy and Sarah discussed the New Year and how we can start it off right by forming positive habits. And then the New Year came and hit us all in the face. Stacy takes a minute to reflect on how rough this week has been for everyone. She also reminds any new listeners that Sarah is actually a new American citizen. She takes a moment to check in with Sarah on how she feels about every going on in our country. Checking In With Sarah Sarah has been struggling a lot with the Capitol events last week and the iterative unfolding around it. She's found it incredibly hard to concentrate on work or even get away from the news alerts. Sarah shares that she became a citizen because it felt like making official something that already existed. Sarah explains how difficult it is to put the feelings of alarm, disappointment, concern, and overall violation into words. She also expresses how she feels as if she's waiting for something - whether it's the other shoe to drop or consequences - or if it what she's waiting for will even happen altogether. Sarah has been struggling to understand the complex mix of emotions she's been experiencing since last Wednesday. She believes her experience is a very common one to many immigrants, in the sense that when she arrived in her new country, everything was different, and there was a lot of culture clash. Many things are uniquely American that you learn about living here, immersed in the culture. No amount of TV or sharing with others can accurately show those things. The more she learned about the country and its history, the more she came to appreciate the truly remarkable beginnings of the country. And the model of democracy it represents for the world. Learning about a country is part of the immigrant process. And learning the history of the country is one thing that made Sarah fall in love with the US. Right now, everything going on feels so discordant with what American Democracy means. Stacy's Realization Sarah explains it like walking through your home after a burglar has broken in and you don't know what they've taken or touched and violated. (5:20) That's how these events have made her feel about her adopted home- there's this permeating sense of violation. Stacy shares how much she agrees with that analogy. For Stacy, her realization started around May/June. That was around the time she and Sarah decided to come forward out of the community and talk about things they felt were representative of the messages shared on TWV, in terms of wellness and safety for all. Stacy is working through these recent events on two levels: personally, as a mother, and also as someone lucky enough to have a voice in the community. Stacy tells listeners that she's always been aware of her privilege. Standing for safety and wellness for all has always been a mission and passion of hers: * She quit her job to devote more time to get safer beauty products into the hands of everyone. * She also has a degree in the Social Justice field and a minor in Women's Studies. Advocacy is something that's been at the forefront of Stacy's mind. Yet, she could see the awful things happening and has, at times, been guilty of turning it off and looking away. Understanding Privilege One of the realizations she came to is how privileged she is that she could even do that. She could separate herself, turn it off, and look away because she is not directly affected or oppressed by the messages being sent. It is not safe and not encouraging wellness for those vulnerable populations to witness some of the messages being said and not do anything to help or support. Stacy adds that this is not designed to say, "you can't have free speech." But rather, that free speech isn't what's happening here. From this realization, she's been making a conscious effort to lean in more, watch more and listen more. And she's noticed the physical and emotional toll it's beginning to take on her as an empathic individual. What We Can Do She wonders some healthy coping mechanisms we can do since we're all going to approach things differently. (9:48) She also wants everyone to think about what we can do to influence change. Stacy shares she is focusing on actionable change. This includes looking at her daily life, the brands she supports and asking herself if that's representative of where she wants to channel her money and support. As individuals, we know where our values and beliefs are. And we can choose to support others who value the same things. This is something that's given Stacy a sense of power in a situation where she often feels powerless. Sarah shares that she's been struggling to find actions she can take in her life the way Stacy was able to. She tells listeners she and her family have been having many discussions to promote compassion for the anger behind falling into this misinformation ecosystem. She's also tried very hard to help her kids understand this moment in the context of American history. The Importance Of Education In Current Events Her primary coping strategy has been to talk about what happened, their feelings toward it, and the information. (12:30) As listeners know, this show is very data-driven. Stacy and Sarah try to stay away from black-and-white rules around wellness, focus on education, and look at the big picture of health. In a way, she's been applying that same approach to current events to better understand. This way, she can make better-informed decisions. Arming ourselves with data-driven information is something Sarah falls back on in times of stress and anxiety. And it's definitely what she and her family are doing currently. Stacy stresses how difficult and important it is, as a parent, to have those conversations with our children. If our children don't hear it from us - the lessons and values we want to share - they will get it somewhere else. There is value in being someone who can receive those feelings from your children. Stacy has always prided herself on her kids' empowerment in coming to her with their frustrations or sad. Take Care Of Yourself Stacy and Sarah have also been working hard to handle their anxiety, so they are emotionally available to family members who need to talk. (17:01) They've been doing this a lot through CBD oil. For more about CBD oil, see Episode 420. Stacy has also been working on getting more sleep. If she doesn't get enough sleep, everything in her life crumbles. Stacy references this Episode 397 for more information on sleep. Stacy encourages listeners to figure out how they can get better sleep because everything else in life gets easier to take care of if we get enough sleep. Sarah shares the "Do Not Disturb" feature on her phone has helped her avoid distractions at night. Stacy also invites listeners interested in mediation to check out the show she and Sarah did on mediation's scientific benefits. Final Thoughts On Current Events Stacy wraps things up by reminding listeners that their feelings are valid and that they are not alone. (23:29) She knows it's difficult to know the people if your life doesn't think the same as you and wish they would. Or that you have it better than others and feel guilt. We are all entitled to the way we feel without guilt or shame. There is no benefit to that guilt. Stacy reminds us that the best thing we can do is feel better, make a change, take action, or whatever it is that will pull you out of that guilt or shame. She strongly encourages everyone to step away from the shame cycle and really focus on making changes for the better. Stacy and Sarah appreciate you being a part of their lives and this show. When it comes to protecting and supporting vulnerable communities, Stacy urges listeners to do whatever they can to take action and show that support. We all mus…
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Farm Small Farm Smart
Farm Small Farm Smart
The Modern Grower Podcast Network
Create Your Best 2021 - A Process for Reflecting on 2020 to Plan 2021 (FSFS232)
We’ve just signed off from 2020 and we’re starting a new year in 2021. Looking back at the past year, how does it make you feel? Are you sighing with relief, just glad that it’s finally over? Or maybe you’re looking at how even though 2020 wasn’t that great of a year, there were still things to be happy and thankful about? Javan's workshop: In this episode of Farm Small, Farm Smart, we have Javan Bernakevitch, and we’re talking about year-end reviews: how you should do it, why you should do it, and how it can hopefully help set you up for a better 2021 by doing an honest self-reflection and setting intention. It won’t just be looking at facts and numbers, it’s also taking stock of your emotions, what brought you joy, what brought you suffering, and planning it out in the year ahead to get the same, or even better, results. It's simply changing your approach. Follow Javan: Increase farm efficiency with the Paperpot Transplanter and Other Small Farm Equipment at Follow Diego on IG Follow PaperpotCo on IG Podcasts by Diego Footer: Microgreens: Vegetable Farming: Livestock Farming: Large Scale Farming: Small Farm Tools
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