Meditation Oasis
Meditation Oasis
May 9, 2020
Belly Soothe Meditation for Trying Times
10 min

Time = 10:11. Use this meditation to relieve stress, especially when it is affecting your stomach or bowels. So many of us feel the effects of stress in our gut. Any of our guided meditations can help reduce stress, but this latest podcast episode goes straight to the belly. It’s designed to direct relaxation and relief to where it’s most needed.

The Mindful Minute
The Mindful Minute
Meryl Arnett
Working With Oracle Cards
When I was a young yoga teacher, one of my students gifted me a set of animal spirit oracle cards after a bird repeatedly flew into the studio while I was teaching. This small gift set me on a 10+ year journey of using oracle cards as part of my personal meditation practice. ** What I’ve learned through using a myriad of oracle cards {animal medicine, tarot, archetypes, yantras, etc.} are lessons in ** * Trusting in my own inner wisdom * Connecting to forces unseen and the divine feminine * Understanding and working with archetypal energy ** In today’s episode of The Mindful Minute, we will talk about different decks, how to incorporate an oracle deck into your meditation practice, trusting your intuitive response, and how to understand the energy beneath each card. This class is great for those wanting to use a deck and aren’t sure how, and for those that want to work with specific images or feelings that arise in meditation practice {with or without a deck to support it!}. ** So grab your favorite deck of oracle cards, your headphones and tune in today! ** You can practice with me live each Monday as I record this podcast. My virtual meditation class includes time for Q&A and a chance to connect with me personally! **Use code: Mindful5 to get your first class for $5!** ** Even better, if you enjoyed today’s episode, leave me a review wherever you get your podcasts, screenshot it and send it to to get your first live class with me FOR FREE! ** ***Did you know I have a FREE Meditation Starter Kit on my website It is full of my favorite tips, stories and ideas for starting and maintaining a daily meditation practice. Grab your copy today! --> *** ** Connect with me on Instagram {@merylarnett} to get bonus meditation tips, mini-meditations, and the occasional baby spam: #meditatewithmeryl
47 min
Calming Anxiety
Calming Anxiety
Martin Hewlett Hypnotherapy
5 Minute mantra - I am worth it
Thank you for listening to the Calming Anxiety Podcast by me, Martin Hewlett Today is the all powerful "I Am Enough" mantra. It really does not get any more to the point than this. Plus my usual relaxing induction to help you find peace during our busy lives Click here to be first to download the forthcoming Calming Anxiety App - If you have an Alexa device at home its now as simple as "Alexa, play the Calming Anxiety Podcast" All your favourite shows (over 200) now even easier to access. Please do think about our members page, a place where we have all your regular shows but advert free and bonus content that I am adding to weekly. For only $5.00 !! (Crazy cheap) you also get bonus content, longer shows for insomnia, deeper relaxation shows and monthly "ask me anything". It would also really help as I can then write more for more people around the world. There is also huge discounts on our future courses. Please click here to join our fan page - Listen to the show and then leave me a voice message here with your tips... - I am always open to requests and tips as I try to help as many people as possible . My email is If you feel like you need more help but don't want to see a therapist in person then why not check out our online course - If you have found benefit in any of our podcasts then it would really help if you could subscribe as well to our YouTube Channel - Finally, if you are ready to learn more about meditation and self hypnosis we have an eBook - Calming Anxiety - A New Way of Thinking. It comes with 5 guided sessions to listen to and shows you how to learn to relax deeply.
7 min
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