Tuesday Talks
Tuesday Talks
Aug 5, 2021
Utilizing Rich Call Data to Present Brand Identity
Play • 28 min

Numeracle's Chief Product Officer, Anis Jaffer, was joined by Frank Pettinato, CEO of Avantive Solutions, to discuss the technology, implementation, and challenges behind Rich Call Data and how it contributes to a brand's presence and identity. They explored how it is currently rolling out, the return on investment seen thus far, and the learned lessons to expect with its implementation.

Mentioned Content

  • Rich Call Data (RCD) & RCD PASSporT

  • Brand Identity: Name, Logo, Call Reason

  • Branded Calls

  • STIR/SHAKEN versus Out-of-band

  • Pricing & ROI of implementing RCD

  • Challenges of implementing RCD

  • Early results & analysis of RCD implementation

  • Sales Efficiency, Call Quality & Conversion Rates

  • Contact Rates, Callbacks, & Call Duration

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