Kraving Khiva by Zoey Draven
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In this episode we'll discuss:

  • How thankful we are to be unpaid for this podcast

  • "This is Fine!"

  • Visa approval process on Everton

  • Freudian slips

Kraving Khiva by Zoey Draven (Part 1)!

Welcome to Madame Allegria’s, where your Krave will satisfy your every desire…

Eve Tesler is an outcast on the New Earth colony of Everton. Curvy, unmarried, and shy? Among Everton’s glittering and superficial society, those are three strikes against her.

Incredibly lonely, she does something uncharacteristically reckless…

She pays the steep price for an unforgettable night with one of the Krave—legendary alien lovers with unparalleled skills and non-human—ahem—abilities in the bedroom. Only, she never expected him.

When Khiva’s home planet was destroyed, his race scattered among the stars and survived any way they could…including selling their infamous ‘services’ for credits. Now, working at Madame Allegria’s elite brothel on a human colony, Khiva’s only goal is to earn enough for passage off Everton.

But when a beautiful, lonely human female visits him one night…suddenly, he craves her with an intensity that should frighten him while her soft moans and lush curves drive him to madness.

It was only supposed to be one night…

Now Eve can’t stay away.

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