Fed Raises Rates: 3 Stocks to Watch Newmont Mining, Walmart, AMC

Today, Kate’s guest is Axel Merk, President and Chief Investment Officer of Merk Investments. Axel has three very different stocks he discusses today, and frames those within the current market and economic conditions. This episode includes:

-Newmont, the world’s largest gold miner, tends to be one of the first stock on the way up on optimism about gold, but also one of the first on the way down, as pessimism grows -Why Newmont and mining stocks are like “gold with a kicker” for investors who believe gold is boring -Why miners can give you leverage over owning just the hard asset of gold -Why the gold miners have to grow through acquisition, as resources get depleted, but investors wanted to see the big miners spend less money -How late-stage economic growth is generally good for gold and gold miners -Axel also discusses Walmart, which as a defensive stock, is a proxy for the current macro environment -As the economy is slowing, Walmart typically does better, as middle-tier consumers gravitate toward lower-cost stores -With a stagflationary environment, which can last a long time, investing in proxies for the consumer price index, like Walmart, can work as a defensive play -Why Walmart’s lackluster performance since late 2020 is a feature of a defensive stock, rather than a bug -Why Axel considers AMC the speculative stock to contrast with a defensive like Walmart -Why he believes the Fed needs to see a contagion risk before they will stop tightening. -What factors to watch to determine when the Fed will stop tightening -Why the meme stock of tomorrow won’t be the meme stock of today, like AMC -What makes Axel believe the market has not bottomed yet

Stocks mentioned in this episode:

Main discussion: Newmont (NYSE: NEM) Walmart (NYSE: WMT) AMC (NYSE: AMC)

Twitter: @AxelMerk

Merk Investments: https://www.merkinvestments.com/

Links mentioned in this episode: https://www.marketbeat.com

This podcast is hosted by ZenCast.fm

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