Get Your Mindset Right To Invest In The Current Market

In today’s episode, Kate chats with financial advisor and asset manager Marc Scudillo, who discusses some psychological aspects of investing in the current market, as well as the benefits of specific asset classes and investing styles.

-How should investors be viewing the market now?

-Could the market re-test previous lows?

-How will your portfolio likely perform relative to inflation in the short term?

-How have growth stocks done lately, relative to value?

-Is there a way to smooth out your rate of return, regardless of whether growth or value is leading?

-Why different equity asset classes will smooth out your rate of return

-How has the concept of gamifying the market has hurt many investors

-What should investors do with their investments right now?

-Do you understand the purpose for y our investments?

-What’s a way to improve your tax efficiency while the market is in a downturn?

-Why it’s important to buy as the market is trending lower

-How to utilize dividends to add to your portfolio right now

-Why dollar-cost averaging can lead to wealth in the future

-Which market segments continue to perform well in 2022?

-Despite strength in certain sectors, is it wise to avoid sector bets?

-How do you know if you’re diversified?

-Why holding a group of different funds doesn’t necessarily mean you’re diversified?

-How can you get assistance with your financial plan, without signing your money over to an advisor to manage?

-What’s the danger of misunderstanding your risk tolerance when it comes to market downturns?

-Why it’s crucial to avoid comparing financial notes with others, and instead, focus on elements of your financial situation that you can control in every market condition

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Exxon Mobil (XOM) Hess (HES)

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