Rainbow Brainskull with Ramin Nazer
The Teafaerie
Nov 11, 2019
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The Teafaerie is a writer, flow arts teacher, space nerd, zero-g enthusiast, superhero, and a billion other things. She is most well-known for her amazing column on Erowid.org and many refer to her as their favorite psychedelic speaker.

I first heard The Teafaerie on Future Fossils podcast and ended up listening to her episode over and over again like it was my favorite record. I HAD to have her on my show. So I emailed Michael Garfield and asked for an intro. After much scheduling and rescheduling, we made it happen!

The Teafaerie makes me excited about the future. She reminds me how lucky we all to even have avatars right now. Do you know how many people would kill to have an avatar in 2019? Sure we have many challenges we must confront and there will be losses along the way, but how great is it to be alive in this strange ever-accelerating future present?

I have never met anyone like the Teafaerie and I’m confident that you haven’t either. She’s a character in her own category and she speaks poetically at lightspeed.

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This podcast was recorded at Rainbow Brainskull Studios in Los Angeles, CA.

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