Meaningful People
Meaningful People
Nov 21, 2020
Chayale Kaufman
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Chayale Kaufman lives and enable others’ passion for their businesses and organizations by ensuring that their marketing campaigns are successful.

For over 16 years and thousands of campaigns, she has built strong relationships with the media and gained a deep understanding of her client's needs.

As a mother of 6 and Founder and owner of the Jewish Content Network and Consult Write Media, Chayale has built her life around helping and building others.

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Episode powered by: AMR Pharmacy & TheDreamRaffle Podcast: Stories of Hope and Healing Podcast: Stories of Hope and Healing
I Experienced Sexual Assault (feat. Rochel Spangenthal)
Rochel Spangenthal is a psychiatric nurse practitioner and writer from North Carolina. At a young age, Rochel’s family made the transition to a religious lifestyle, becoming Baalei Teshuva and joining the Chabad community. Rochel took her religious responsibilities seriously, determined to be the perfect daughter and student and aspired toward a relationship with a man befitting her religious status. She was scrupulous in her Torah observance, carefully maintaining her distance from men as she sought a “good” shidduch (match). As an adult, Rochel experienced sexual assault and began questioning everything: herself, her relationship with G-d, her status as a religious Jew, her future and any future relationships. She believed she was “ruined.” Rochel was told she had to hide her story and be ashamed of what had happened to her so that it wouldn’t impact her reputation and her shidduch chances.  In this episode, Rochel relates how her experience launched the beginning of her journey toward growth and healing. She talks about how she shared her story with others, and the reactions she received as a result. Now, Rochel has integrated her story into who she is today and uses it to drive herself forward. She has learned that she has an untouchable, innate purity regardless of her circumstances. “Bad things happen and we can’t go back, but we can choose how we go forward,” she concludes. --- Support this podcast:
54 min
18Forty Podcast
18Forty Podcast
Talmud Highlights
In this episode of the 18Forty Podcast, we sit down for a special podcast with our host, David Bashevkin, to review the first topic that 18Forty covered: Talmud. Though Judaism has many facets to its practice, Talmud study has long been one of its hallmarks. It is a sprawling text with many commentaries, and so can be analyzed from any number of perspectives. This episode highlight three: those of Ari Bergmann, Chaim Saiman, and Michelle Chesner. From its historical formation to its ideas to its format, the Talmud was analyzed at length for its 18Forty topic, and this episode highlights some of the key questions raised. How was the Talmud written? What should one make of the often confusing mix of ideas it presents? Does the text format itself hold any significance? Is Talmud study useful for anything besides Talmud study? What similarities does it have to other fields of knowledge? Tune in to hear David review and reflect on his past conversations with podcast guests about the Talmud. References: Ari Bergmann interview - Chaim Saiman interview - Michelle Chesner interview - Take One podcast - Legal Theology: The Turn to Conceptualism in Nineteenth-Century Jewish Law by Chaim Saiman Nomos and Narrative by Robert Cover Jewish Thought: A Process, Not a Text by David Bashevkin Book References: Arba-ah Turim by Jacob Ben Asher Halakhah: The Rabbinic Idea of Law by Chaim Saiman For more, visit
1 hr
The Rabbi Orlofsky Show
The Rabbi Orlofsky Show
Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky
The First Date (Shidduch Series #9) (Ep. 123)
What should our young people look for when the actually meet a potential spouse? 🏆 Sponsored anonymously as a zechus for the donors. Topics include: Attraction Always giving a second date? Burnout Personality How many dates? ~~~ The Shidduch Series • Part 1: Zero Guidance • Part 2: The Roles of Men & Women  • Part 3: But We're Just Friends • Part 4: The Goal of Marriage • Part 5: The Learning/Working Question • Part 6: Learning and Working - the Feedback • Part 7: Essential Shidduch Questions • Part 8: Shadchanim Say the Darndest Things • Part 9: (This video) ~~~    Sign up for R' Orlofsky's live online shiurim! 🎙 ~~~ "The Rabbi Orlofsky Show Theme" Composed and Performed by Lenny Solomon Learn more at ~~~ Follow Rabbi Orlofsky around the web! 📅 Event schedule:  ✉️ Send feedback:  🤗 Sponsorships:  Other platforms: •  • • •
51 min
MyLife: Chassidus Applied
MyLife: Chassidus Applied
Rabbi Simon Jacobson
Ep. 339: What Are We to Make of President Trump and Events of This Week?
Chassidus Applied to Vaeirah and Rosh Chodesh Shevat  How do we deal with the deepest darkness? The revelation of Havaya in the abyss of Mitzrayim  Bringing Torah and Chassidus to all languages and peoples  President Trump and Events of this Week  From a Torah perspective, what are we to make of the recent events in Washington?  What attitude should we have to President Trump today?   How can we possibly reconcile the great divide in our country today?  Are we headed toward civil war?  Suicide  Suicide is frightening me. Please address this recent tragedy and inspire us all with some light.   Did the Rebbe ever speak about mental illness, suicide and related issues?  Parents and Children  How should I address my husband who chooses not to connect and provide unconditional love to his children because they are more modern?  What can we do about our son who suddenly stopped talking to us?  Chassidus question: What is the maamar called “Der Frumer Va’eirah”?  MyLife 2020 Chassidus Applied Essay and Creative Contest: 11th Place winners:  Essay English: The Lamplighter, Rivka Cohen, 24, Bais Chana Women International,  Hometown: Jerusalem, Israel  Essay Hebrew (men): חיים קלים עם אנשים קשים, Mr. Yahal Dahan, Tzfat, Israel  Essay Hebrew (women): מסע פנימי לגאולה, Mrs. Binah Nachshon, Jerusalem, Israel  Creative: My Garden (poetry), Yosef Kaufmann, 27, Sofer, Johannesburg, South Africa
1 hr 7 min
Journal of Accountancy Podcast
Journal of Accountancy Podcast
Journal of Accountancy
The latest advice on PPP loans
Accountants played a crucial role in helping millions of organizations, most of them small businesses, receive $525 billion in Paycheck Protection Program loans last year. Now, the PPP is back and businesses will again be looking to CPAs for advice and assistance in accessing the program, which provides forgivable loans that borrowers can use for payroll and other essential expenses as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to roil the economy. What do CPAs need to know about the new PPP? How is it different from the program that ran for five months before its loan application window closed in August? And what should accountants be doing to help businesses access the $284 billion available in the PPP’s second iteration? Those topics and more are addressed by Erik Asgeirsson, president and CEO of the AICPA’s business subsidiary, and Lisa Simpson, CPA, CGMA, the AICPA’s vice president–Firm Services. What you’ll learn from this episode: * When lenders can start submitting PPP loan applications to the U.S. Small Business Administration. * Details about the new PPP second-draw loans. * Why many banks won’t be submitting PPP applications at the beginning of the application period. * What the AICPA has been doing to support the accounting profession with the PPP over the past nine months. * Why it is important for PPP borrowers to have two paths they can take in pursuing a second-draw PPP loan. * More information about the CPA Business Funding Portal (see link in resources below). * What CPAs can do to help businesses prepare for increased SBA scrutiny of PPP loans. * The importance of helping businesses know their E-Tran number from their first PPP loan. * Why firms will play a more important role in the second round of the PPP. * The importance of keeping the intent of the PPP in mind when choosing the accounting method for calculating the decline in gross receipts to determine whether a business qualifies for a second-draw loan. * Whether a business seeking second-draw PPP loans must spend all its first-draw PPP loan before the second-draw funds are disbursed. * That some banks may require PPP borrowers to file for forgiveness on their first loan before processing a second-draw application.
20 min
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