Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow

Welcome back to Waiting on the Trade, a comics book club for people who don’t have time for monthly comics!

In this episode, guest host Jonathan Gurney dips his toes into the DCU, as we discuss Tom King, Bilquis Evely, Matheus Lopes, and Clayton Cowles’s Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow.

This Month’s Discussion Questions

  1. How do Ruthye and Supergirl’s experiences with grief shape their characters and their actions throughout the story?
  2. Did the reveal that Ruthye’s narration is unreliable affect your enjoyment of the story?
  3. What is your opinion on established characters being portrayed differently in newer media?

Explanations, Observations, and Links of Note

  • Yes, this book is going to be a movie. Which is fine I guess? It’s probably not one of the first stories I’d put in a line-up, but it is definitely not a bad choice.
  • The citizens of Argo City covering their city in lead sheets to shield themselves from radiation certainly was canon prior to this story. (Though not dramatized as much.) Tom King is a big ol’ continuity nerd; if he references something, it likely “happened.”
  • Okay yes, you don’t strictly need to know anything else about Comet the Super-Horse to read and enjoy this story. But reader, I can’t help myself.
  • Here are a couple reviews that think Ruthye possibly killed Krem at the end of this story. Again, our take is that she didn’t.
  • If you just popped in for this episode, and you want to go deeper into our brief Batman digression, check out our previous episode.

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