ADHD vs. Anxiety Couples
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We're back for 2021, guys! As everyone knows, Penn has ADHD. Basically it’s his superpower. My superpower? Constant worry and dread thanks to anxiety. So how can we learn to work better together being so opposite?


Marcy M. Caldwell, Psy.D, a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in the treatment and assessment of adult ADHD, joins us to help tackle our different brains instead of each other.


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About the Holderness Family
: Penn, Kim, Lola, and Penn Charles Holderness create original music, parodies, and Vlogs for YouTube and Facebook to poke fun of themselves and celebrate the absurdity in circumstances most families face in their day to day life. They published "Christmas Jammies" in December 2013 and life hasn't been the same. Since then, their popular parodies, "All About That Baste", "Baby Got Class," and original music "Snow Day" have received national news coverage. Penn, the Dad, took a chance and left his job as a news anchor to join his wife Kim, the Mom, at their video production and digital marketing company, Greenroom Communications, LLC. Lola and Penn Charles are always happy, respectful and eat all of their vegetables (that last sentence is a lie). 


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What Fresh Hell: Laughing in the Face of Motherhood
What Fresh Hell: Laughing in the Face of Motherhood
Margaret Ables and Amy Wilson
Extremely Achievable Family Traditions
What are some small traditions we can lean on right now to create more joy and meaning for our families? We’re talking LITTLE. Preferably free. Not exhausting. Super fun. Lifetime of memories created. Our listener Lee inspired this topic in our Facebook group:  What about an episode about fun or special traditions for the rest of the year? When I was growing up, the “birthday person” always got breakfast in bed. I’ve brought the tradition to my own family as an adult, and it’s such a fun and special way to start the day. I’ve been trying to build more traditions for my young family (my kids are 3 and 6), especially during the pandemic, since we haven’t seen our extended family much, and a lot of our other markers are missing. In this episode we discuss some of our (and our listeners’) favorite family traditions. A few Rules of Traditions we discovered while recording this episode: Giving the ordinary a special name, song, day of the week is part of what makes it a tradition. Pizza Friday! Porch Popsicle Time! It’s all in the branding.  Traditions are like leprechauns: if you go looking for one, you probably won’t find it, but you can tell when one has appeared. Keep your eyes and ears open for fun moments that can become traditions simply by repeating them. Limitations are where the ingenuity– and the fun– comes in. What Rube Goldberg creation can be made exclusively with what’s in this junk drawer? What famous painting can we recreate using old bedsheets?  This moment we’re all in is tough. It’s also a crucible where family traditions might be formed. Even thinking about tradition-making has lifted our spirits– the idea that we can find “little fun” that might somehow become what will be remembered of this year we’ve all spent mostly at home.  * Leave us a rating or review in your favorite podcast app! * Join us on Facebook: * Instagram: * YouTube: * Pinterest: * Twitter: * questions and feedback: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
48 min
Creating a Family: Talk about Adoption & Foster Care
Creating a Family: Talk about Adoption & Foster Care
Creating a Family
What Do Kinship Caregivers Need to Succeed?
Grandparents raising grandkids or aunts and uncles raising nephews and nieces is often complicated and comes with a mix of challenges and blessings. What are the unique issues that kinship caregivers face and what do they need to succeed. We talk about these issues with LaNette Jacobs, an aunt raising her two nephews; Marla Galvan, a licensed clinical social worker and Foster Care Strategic Consultant for Child Welfare Information Gateway; Dr. Ali Caliendo, the Executive Director of Foster Kinship, a nonprofit support of kinship families in Nevada; and Jaia Lent, the Deputy Executive Director at Generations United where she provides direction for the National Center on Grandfamilies. In this episode, we covered: * Kinship care, also often called grandparent care or grandparent-led families, is used to care for children whose parents are unable. And while we will often use the term grandparent, we fully recognize that it is often aunts, uncles, cousins, and sometimes other siblings that are stepping up to care for these children. Kinship care can be permanent or temporary, financially subsidized or not, formal or informal. Kinship care at its best helps to maintain family connections and cultural traditions that can minimize the trauma of family separation.  * Grandparents raising grandkids or aunts and uncles raising nephews and nieces is often complicated and comes with a mix of challenges and blessings. * There is often a blurred line between being a family member and assuming responsibility for a relative's children. Is your role the grandparent or the parent and if parent, to whom is your first allegiance—to your child or your grandchild. * It’s also a blessing. It’s a do over, a chance to be fully involved in a child’s life again and make a difference in the next generation. * Why is raising your grandkids different from raising your own kids the first time around? * Understanding emotions.  * Guilt, shame, anger, distrust, loss, loneliness, grief. And these feelings are often felt by both the parent and the kinship caregiver. * Managing boundaries. * Communication * Being honest about your needs and the kids needs * Putting the children’s needs first. * How to help with reunification? * Try to show empathy towards the challenges that the parents are struggling with.  * Don’t put down birth parents, especially in front of the kids. * Assure children that their parents love them. * Tell parents that you know that they love their child. * Don’t put the children in the middle. * Make visits a conflict free zone—if possible. * Have adult conversations on working out disagreements away from the kids. * Support change in the parents. * Support groups. * Not financially prepared for the addition of kids. * Parenting kids who’ve experienced trauma. * Legal resources to be in the best position to advocate for the child. This podcast is produced  by We are a national non-profit with the mission to strengthen and inspire adoptive, foster & kinship parents and the professionals who support them. Creating a Family brings you the following trauma-informed, expert-based content: ·         Weekly podcasts ·         Weekly articles/blog posts ·        Resource pages on all aspects of family building   Support the show (
55 min
Your Fave’s Faves
Your Fave’s Faves
Three Percent Chance
15: Kat Dennings and the Books That Shaped Her Childhood
Kat Dennings takes a break from killing it over at WandaVision to tell Rachel her five favorite books from growing up that she could still read today. It's a book lover's dream episode! Make sure you follow Kat on Instagram! -- We were tired of all the health and fitness apps that made us feel worse about ourselves, that featured trainers who didn't look like us or talk like us (hello, drill sergeant much?), or that assumed we had hundreds of dollars to spend on trendy equipment in order to make their workouts actually, well, work. That's why we created RISE Fitness, to build a community of folks who love to move their body and spark joy in their lives, without all the body-shaming and exclusion. Check it out by going to Check out our latest limited series podcast, Talking Body with Amy Porterfield! Amy has experienced massive success in both her business and personal life, but behind every accomplishment lingered a nagging suspicion that she wasn’t living up to some invisible standard of how she should look. Now she’s on a mission to discover exactly where that little voice inside her head came from, and - together with some new friends and fresh perspectives - how she can vanquish it once and for all. New episodes premiere every Monday. Click here to subscribe -> Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
50 min
Band of Mothers
Band of Mothers
WB | Wondery
Shereen Pavlides on How to Cook with Confidence, Entertain with Joy and Get Your Kids to Eat What You Prepare
Viral TikTok sensation Shereen Pavlides from “Cooking with Shereen” joins Shayna and Tracey to break down why and how everybody (even busy moms) can cook from scratch. Tracey and Shayna share what stresses them out and what makes it hard for them to get a meal done as busy moms, and Shereen gives some advice on how to gain confidence while you’re cooking, how to find the joy in the preparation, why the energy you feel will pour into your food, and even how to nail a dinner party stress free so you can actually enjoy yourself. Plus, we all struggle with it — picky eaters. Chef Shereen breaks down her “take one bite” approach to getting her children to eat a variety of foods.  Learn more about Shereen at, on Instagram @cookingwithShereen and of course on TikTok where she’s killing it. Follow Tracey + Shayna - @bandofmothersofficial on Instagram Be sure to rate and subscribe (thank you!) so you never miss an episode. Download the Wondery App to listen ad free at Thanks to our sponsors:  Talkspace: code BANDOFMOTHERS Chrysler: Grammarly: To access any products or other endorsed items + brands mentioned in this episode visit BOM.Market/Shop-The-Podcast To learn more about Shayna and Tracey + their #BandOfMothers community visit and download the Band of Mothers App to join an ultra-private social media site for moms. (It’s the mom group you’ve always wanted!) ·  Band of Mothers in the Apple App Store ·  Band of Mothers in Google Play Do you have an amazing #momhack, a crazy story about a really f-ed up thing your kid has done, or do you want to share an inspiring story about another mom that we can air on an upcoming episode? Leave us a message here: Looking for a great gift, or in the mood to treat yourself? Shop our delightfully curated marketplace of amazing goods selected for moms, by moms at BOM.Market including our own hand-crafted bespoke line of super clean wellness products, High Plains Market. Use code BOMPOD for 15% off your first order!
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