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Ingredients of a Successful Content Marketing recipe with chef Andy Crestodina
Jul 8, 2019 · 47 min
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Andy shared his valuable advice on how to evolve content marketing strategy and become the prime source of unique content. How doing research on your competitors, finding areas of gaps in their information, and focusing on those gaps can help you excel in your content strategy, search, and analytics.

Shane Barker and Andy Crestodina discuss how content marketing is shaping the digital space. Discover the right way to create a successful content marketing campaign and learn how you too can use it to grow your brand.

Launching a successful content marketing campaign takes a lot of planning. You need to know your target audience, experiment with different content formats, and more. 

It can be too much to handle for beginners, and that’s why we’ve got a guide to help you launch a successful content marketing campaign:

Here’s how I used such techniques to my advantage as well and improved my search rankings through content marketing: 


Andy also covers,


  • He shared his experience with the last Content Jam held in 2018.
  • How Andy started his career and what inspired him to be a part of the marketing space for more than 18 years.
  • How it feels working with different brands and their challenging audiences. How Andy helps his clients create unique content for successful online marketing.
  • He told us how the book came into existence. How he incorporated his unique idea of “LBOW - Lifetime Body of Work” into his 280 page-project - “Content Chemistry: The Illustrated Handbook for Content Marketing.”
  • According to Andy Crestodina, what is the easiest way to write a book on marketing from scratch?
  • He told us a little more about what Orbit Media Studios does.
  • Why does Andy feel content marketing is a test of generosity? Why does he believe in the power of collaboration more than the idea of competing?
  • He also discussed a little about the list of hygiene exercise and its outcomes.
  • We get to know about Andy’s highest rate of publishing content.
  • What points Andy considers while creating a perfect piece of content.


Guest Bio


Andy Crestodina is a globally recognized content marketing influencer, entrepreneur and a top-rated speaker.  He is the founder of “Content Jam” which is the largest content marketing conference of Chicago. He is also the proud author of “Content Chemistry: The Illustrated Handbook for Content Marketing.”


For the last 18 years, Andy has been associated with Orbit Media Studios. He is the co-founder and the chief marketing officer of the company. He is also an environmental enthusiast and a volunteer “TreeKeeper” for Openlands.


Resources Mentioned in this show:

Content Chemistry: The Illustrated Handbook for Content Marketing

Content Jam - Content Marketing Conference of Chicago

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