Crossover Episode - Can AI Really Support Content Generation?
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Everywhere you look, everything is about AI. But how can AI actually support content generation? In this special episode of the podcast, Napier’s Mike Maynard and Hannah Kelly discuss the capabilities of AI in marketing automation platforms. They also chat about how email signatures can be leveraged by marketers, what to consider when writing subject lines and how companies can grow their subscriber database.

Check out this crossover episode with Napier’s sister podcast, The Marketing Automation Moment, sharing the latest news, views and tips from the world of marketing automation.

Time Stamps

[01:03.0] – Will AI make our lives easier?

[04:44.0] – Can we use AI and generative AI to optimise campaigns?

[10:33.0] – Email signatures – how can marketers maximise their impact.

[12:51.0] – The challenges of growing subscriber databases whilst complying with GDPR.

[17:39.0] – How to write a good subject line.


“Do you just want to be average in your marketing automation? Or do you want to create something that is above average? People who are above average will do better than AI.” Mike Maynard, Managing Director at Napier.

“AI can be a great start but if you think it’s going to replace you, unfortunately the good news is you’re job safe, the bad news is you’ve still got to do some work.” Mike Maynard, Managing Director at Napier.


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