101: Taking Apart the Toaster
May 20, 2015 · 1 hr 14 min
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Micah Elizabeth Scott (@scanlime) spoke with us about Coastermelt, art installations, FadeCandy, teaching electronics to artists, and mental health. 

Her Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) installation is mesmerizing, some videos

In her Coastermelt project, Micah uses the IDA disassembler.

FadeCandy is for sale at Adafruit.

Zen Photon is online, demonstrating ray tracing.

Micah's website shows her current projects. 

Micah's previous Embedded.fm episode focused on FadeCandy: 41: Pink Universes Die Really Quickly.

Robot Odyssey looks awesome.

Captain Awkward is a site where you can get advice on how to say things and deal with difficult situations/people.

Micah's shop has a TypeA 3D printer (note: Tuco's favorite bolts) as well as an OtherMill

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