Nov 25, 2020
353: Red for the Ones That Might Blow Up
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Seth Hillbrand (@SethHillbrand), lead developer for KiCAD (@kicad_pcb), spoke with us about open source development, EDA tools, pronunciation, and inclusion.

Check out KiCAD!

Seth’s company provides support for KiCAD (kipro-pcb.com, @kiproeda).


Allan Jude
386: Aye, 386!
Routing and Firewalling VLANS with FreeBSD, FreeBSD 12 VNET jail with ZFS howto, pkgsrc-2020Q4 released, FreeBSD on Raspberry Pi 4 With 4GB of RAM, HardenedBSD December 2020 Status Report, and more NOTES This episode of BSDNow is brought to you by Tarsnap (https://www.tarsnap.com/bsdnow) Headlines Routing and Firewalling VLANS with FreeBSD (https://klarasystems.com/articles/routing-and-firewalling-vlans-with-freebsd/) In this article we are going to look at and integrate two network isolation technologies, VLANs and VNET. VLANs are common place, and if you have done some network management or design then you are likely to have interacted with them. The second are FreeBSDs VNET virtual network stacks, a powerful network stack isolation technology that gives FreeBSD jails super powers. Ethernet VLAN (standardised by IEEE 802.1Q) are an extension to Ethernet and provide an essential method for scaling network deployments. They are used in all environments to enable reuse of common infrastructure by isolating portions of networks from each other. VLANs allow the reuse of common cables, switches and routers to carry completely different networks. It is common to have data that must be separated from different networks carried on common cables until their VLAN tags are finally stripped at a gateway switch or router. How to set up FreeBSD 12 VNET jail with ZFS (https://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/configuring-freebsd-12-vnet-jail-using-bridgeepair-zfs/) How do I install, set up and configure a FreeBSD 12 jail with VNET on ZFS? How can I create FreeBSD 12 VNET jail with /etc/jail.conf to run OpenVPN, Apache, Wireguard and other Internet-facing services securely on my BSD box? FreeBSD jail is nothing but operating system-level virtualization that allows partitioning a FreeBSD based Unix server. Such systems have their root user and access rights. Jails can use network subsystem virtualization infrastructure or share an existing network. FreeBSD jails are a powerful way to increase security. Usually, you create jail per services such as an Nginx/Apache webserver with PHP/Perl/Python app, WireGuard/OpeNVPN server, MariaDB/PgSQL server, and more. This page shows how to configure a FreeBSD Jail with vnet and ZFS on FreeBSD 12.x. News Roundup pkgsrc-2020Q4 released (https://mail-index.netbsd.org/netbsd-announce/2021/01/08/msg000322.html) The pkgsrc developers are proud to announce the 69th quarterly release of pkgsrc, the cross-platform packaging system. pkgsrc is available with more than 24,000 packages, running on 23 separate platforms; more information on pkgsrc itself is available at https://www.pkgsrc.org/ FreeBSD ON A Raspberry PI 4 With 4GB of RAM (https://lambdaland.org/posts/2020-12-23_freebsd_rpi4/) This is the story of how I managed to get FreeBSD running on a Raspberry Pi 4 with 4GB of RAM, though I think the setup story is pretty similar for those with 2GB and 8GB.1 HardenedBSD December 2020 Status Report (https://hardenedbsd.org/article/shawn-webb/2020-12-31/hardenedbsd-december-2020-status-report) Happy New Year! On this the last day of 2020, I submit December's status report. Beastie Bits Christmas Cards The Unix Way - with pic and troff (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMijdTWSUEE&feature=youtu.be) Fast RPI3 upgrade from source (cross compile) (https://forums.freebsd.org/threads/fast-upgrade-raspberry-pi3-from-source.78169/) *** ###Tarsnap This weeks episode of BSDNow was sponsored by our friends at Tarsnap, the only secure online backup you can trust your data to. Even paranoids need backups. Feedback/Questions Robert - zfs question (https://github.com/BSDNow/bsdnow.tv/blob/master/episodes/386/feedback/robert%20-%20zfs%20question.md) Neb - AMA episode.md (https://github.com/BSDNow/bsdnow.tv/blob/master/episodes/386/feedback/neb%20-%20AMA%20episode.md) Joe - puppet (https://github.com/BSDNow/bsdnow.tv/blob/master/episodes/386/feedback/joe%20-%20puppet.md) Send questions, comments, show ideas/topics, or stories you want mentioned on the show to feedback@bsdnow.tv (mailto:feedback@bsdnow.tv) ***
37 min
The .NET Core Podcast
The .NET Core Podcast
Jamie Taylor
Xamarin Catch-Up with Luce Carter
Support for this episode comes from RJJ Software Ltd RJJ Software is dedicated to helping you to realise your company's digital potential through innovative solutions using the latest technologies. Remember: you can also always follow the show on twitter @dotnetcoreshow, and the shows host on twitter @podcasterJay In this episode of The .NET Core Podcast we talked with Luce about some of the things that have been happening in the Xamarin and Maui world recently. Luce is an MVP, a curator for the Weekly Xamarin newsletter, a Twilio champion and international speaker The full show notes, including links to some of the things we discussed and a full transcription of this episode, can be found at https://dotnetcore.show/episode-68-xamarin-catch-up-with-luce-carter/ Support for this episode comes from areyouadev. Head over to areyouadev.com to try out the program for free, and get a complimentary 20 minute 1 to 1 chat with a fellow developer. Remember to rate and review the show on Apple Podcasts, Podchaser, or wherever you find your podcasts, this will help the show's audience grow. Or you can just share the show with a friend. You can support the show by making a monthly donation one the show's Patreon page at: https://www.patreon.com/TheDotNetCorePodcast The .NET Core Podcast is a proud member of Jay and Jay Media. If you like this episode, please consider supporting our Podcasting Network. One $3 donation provides a week of hosting for all of our shows. You can support this show, and the others like it, at https://ko-fi.com/jayandjaymedia
1 hr 14 min
MacroFab Engineering Podcast
MacroFab Engineering Podcast
MacroFab, INC.
MEP EP#260: A Couple Months Ago...
MEP EP#260: A Couple Months Ago... Parker * Homebrew going big * Uncle runs a brewpub down in Alvin, Tx * Going to help him repair and rebuild the brewery for post COVID * Building more electrical boxes * Chip shortages hit even as auto chip sales climb * Ford and Fiat Chrysler are temporarily closing factories due to limited supplies of electronic components that are used in displays and transmissions * Apple wants to make a self-driving electric car by 2024 * VLSI Research report * 4th quarter auto chip sales improved by 30% over the third quarter, reaching $6.2 billion * Which is 11% above fourth quarter in 2019 * Overall auto IC sales for 2020 were down about 6.4% from 2019 * Tesla may be the best example of what happened in 2020, reaching sales of 499,000 new cars in all of 2020, an increase of 36% Stephen * Searching for components kind of sucks sometimes. New idea for making this easier * Connectors * LDOs and other ICs * Simple search removal that doesn't require that the engineer perform their own logic to reach the “perfect part” * No More lists or excel sheets - Savable searches * Watch out for datasheet marketing wank… * TL052 precision voltage reference circuit * MCP1501T-30E/CHY * Opamp calls out max 80mA per channel and 160mA per chip...with low offset the best of all worlds! * Circuit works well in multiple designs but new one craps the bed * Got to pay attention to those charts - this is actually slightly worse than a normal opamp….. * Solution is to transistor buffer
1 hr 2 min
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