90: Stick It in a Pumpkin
Feb 25, 2015 · 1 hr 8 min
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The Linker post for this Episode: Solving a Different Problem 

ThingM's Tod Kurt (@todbot) joined us to talk about the most important part of every embedded system: blinking lights.

ThingM has been making I2C lights (BlinkM, MinM and MaxM) since 2006. 

The newer, more productized USB light is the Blink(1) (there is a coupon near the end of the show). Blink(1) had two successful kickstarters (second one).

The BlinkMs have an ATTiny85 (which is also on the Adafruit Trinket). The Blink(1)s have a PIC processor that is small, cheap, and supports USB quite well (PIC16F1455-I/ML and dev kit).

Other smart LEDs include WS28xx  (aka NeoPixel) and APA102 (aka DotStar)

Seeed Studio was discussed as a way to get boards built, assembled, even housed. Elecia mentioned Tindie's new CM review site.

Tod is cofounder of Crash Space (@CrashSpaceLA), a Los Angeles based hackspace. They (including Tod) were on the short-lived Mythbusters-hosted Rube Goldberg devices show called Unchained Reaction.

Tod has worked on some neat art projects, including the Crystal Monster and the Cash Machine.

Tod's blog.

Speaking of blogs, Chris and Elecia are going to start writing after (podcast) action reports forElement 14. More announcements (and actual links) soon.

Don't forget the Chris Savage (Parallax) call for assistance!

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