Aug 27, 2020
342: That Girl's Brain
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Jess Frazelle (@jessfraz) of Oxide Computer (@oxidecomputer) spoke with us about hyperscalers (large companies that make their own datacenter server hardware) and podcasts. 

Jess wrote an article about the power efficiency measurements of datacenter servers: Power to the People (ACM Queue August 2020).

The Oxide podcast is available on oxide.computer/podcast as well as your usual podcast apps. Jess particularly recommended the episode with Jonathan Blow.

Oxide is working to make hyperscaler-style hardware available to everyone. Their goal is to open source all their hardware and software: github.com/oxidecomputer. They use the Rust language for much of their development.

Jess has a blog: blog.jessfraz.com


The Contextual Electronics Podcast
The Contextual Electronics Podcast
Contextual Electronics
CEP007 – Combining Art and Technology with Sarah Petkus
Sarah's personal site (shown throughout the video) She Bon is a project exploring human sexuality and helping people discuss it in a more healthy way. It has multiple smaller projects we discussed HotSpot PulsePack Sarah shows the hardware to different groups. The hackers at DEFCON are different than the artists at Ars Electronica Sarah entered the project into the Hackaday Prize and also gave a talk at the Hackaday Superconference about it. Comparing artists and jackets, the former usually want to show completely finished work, instead of something that might be in progress. This means artist sometimes outsource the technical work. Sarah likes doing both. "You learn the most when you do it all, when you have the control" Howdo we get more art people to be technical? How do we get more crossover? "I made this!" Noodlefeet is Sarah's robotic offspring. she has been creating an upgrading him for over 5 years. The Noodlefeet playlist on Sarah's Youtube channel Rebuilding Noodle to make him more sturdy, especially while walking. Ship of Theseus The Noodle brain uses a Jetson Nano for classifying images. See the 'mother of machine' site for more info. End Effectors "The tasting channel" Sarah got started in 3D using SketchUp, as did Chris. She learned parametric modeling via Fusion360 went on a deadline. Sarah and Mark met at SynShop Follow Sarah on YouTube Sarah shares her regular sketches and thoughts on Twitter Sarah also has a patreon Thank you for supporting The Contextual Electronics Podcast! Here's how you can follow and help us grow: Please follow us on social media: @ContextualElec on Twitter Contextual Electronics on Facebook Contextual Electronics on LinkedIn @Chris_Gammell on Twitter Please consider leaving us a review iTunes page for subscribing and reviewing Video version of the podcast: Audio version of the podcast:
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