Oct 8, 2020
347: Be Careful About the Bits
56 min

Chris (@stoneymonster) and Elecia (@logicalelegance) discuss API design and team dynamics.

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Moore's Lobby: Where engineers talk all about circuits
Moore's Lobby: Where engineers talk all about circuits
All About Circuits
Ep. 13 | How Motorsports Are Accelerating Product Development for Next-Gen Automotive Applications
In this keynote, Lucas and Bryn will engage in discussion with Dave Finch, engineer, New York Times bestselling author, and producer of the Moore's Lobby podcast on All About Circuits. The keynote session will be followed by a live Q&A with the audience.   About Lucas di Grassi Born in Sao Paulo, Lucas di Grassi is one of developers of the highly successful, electric-powered Formula E. Lucas also is a member of the board and developer of Roborace, the racing series for electric cars run by artificial intelligence which is set to become the most efficient developing environment for connected AI-based technology. Recently, Lucas was announced as partner and ambassador for the Electric Scooter Championship (eSC), a new international series aimed to promote both competition and technology development for urban micro-mobility. Di Grassi drew international attention when he drove a Formula E car on the North Pole ice cap to set an alert to global warming. In May 2018, Lucas was appointed ambassador for the United Nations Environment Program with the mission to increase awareness about poor urban air quality, which causes over 6 million premature deaths around the world. Lucas is the most relevant driver of the FIA Formula E history having amassed the impressive sequence of three thirds and a second championship season places, plus the 2017 world title. Having previously competed in Formula One, di Grassi is again a title contender of FIA World Formula E Championship for the official Audi Sport Abt Schaeffler team.   About Bryn Balcombe Bryn Balcombe is the Chief Strategy Officer for Roborace. He received his BEng in Mechanical Engineering and Vehicle Design from the University of Hertfordshire. Balcombe previously spent 16 years working with Formula One racing, architecting communication systems for vehicle-to-infrastructure connectivity, as well as implementing the Formula One Global Media Network. He has experience on projects ranging from circuit development to full tracking systems and automated vehicles. Balcombe is the founder of ADA.ngo, a non-profit alliance developed to ensure the safe and ethical deployment of human-centric artificial intelligence in automotive applications to prevent road traffic injuries. ADA.ngo supports the use of motorsports as a means of accelerated R&D for automotive AI. He additionally serves as the Chair of ITU Focus Group on AI for Autonomous and Assisted Driving for the International Telecommunication Union (ITU FG-AI4AD), where this focus group serves as a forum for international organizations such as governments and research institutions can collaborate to evaluate AI-assisted and automated vehicle safety.
1 hr 29 min
The Lensrentals Podcast
The Lensrentals Podcast
Roger Cicala, Ryan Hill
How to Buy a Used Lens
This episode originally aired 4.2.2020 and has been one of our most popular, so with Black Friday around the corner we thought it would be a good time to brush up on what to look for when buying a used lens. After 2 years in rental rotation, we sell a good deal of our inventory at our sister site, LensAuthority.com. Roger talks with Connie who runs LensAuthority, and Joey, our Senior Photo Tech about what to look out for when buying a used lens, and when not to buy used gear. They discuss some of their favorite lenses that hold up well over time, valuable resources to reference before and after you’ve purchased a used lens, and share their opinions on if glass scratches and dust are considerations you should worry about. * Referenced in this episode: * Tamron 35 f/1.4 and f/1.8 * Tamron 45 * The f/4 versions of Canon 24-70 * Tokina f/4 12-24 * Sigma 28 Art is one of the smallest of the Sigma primes * Sigma 40 Art * Other Resources * KEH * B&H used * Adorama * How to Test a Lens article * The Lensrentals Podcast is a production of Lensrentals, founded by Roger Cicala. Our production staff includes Drew Cicala, Ryan Hill, Sarah McAlexander, SJ Smith, Julian Harper, John Tucker, and Zach Sutton. Other contributors include Roger Cicala, Joey Miller, Ally Aycock Patterson, Joshua Richardson, and Philip Robertson. * You made it this far so here, get a discount off your next rental! * Let’s keep this conversation going! Leave a comment on our voicemail at 901-609-LENS or shoot us a question at: podcast@lensrentals.com * Read our blog * Dance with us on TikTok * Win our #mylensrental monthly contest on Instagram * Follow us on Facebook * Send us pictures of your cat on Twitter
45 min
CoRecursive: Coding Stories
CoRecursive: Coding Stories
Adam Gordon Bell - Full Stack Web Developer
The Birth of Unix with Brian Kernighan
As Brian Kernighan said “UNIX since the start has become a vehicle for creating and using programming languages.” Brian initiated work on what would become the UNIX system. He helped develop it to run on a minicomputer and would eventually be ported to other computers. In this episode, Brain will go in-depth on how the UNIX was built. Episode Page Episode Transcript “If you wanted, you could go sit in your office and think deep thoughts or program, or write on your own blackboard or whatever, but then come back to the common space when you wanted to.“ - Brian Kernighan “I found it easier to program when I was trying to figure out the logic for myself rather than trying to figure out where in the infinite stack of documentation was the function I needed. So for me, programming is more like creating something rather than looking it up, and too much of today's programming is more like looking it up.” - Brian Kernighan “If what I find challenging or hard or whatever is also something that other people find hard or challenging or whatever, then if I do something that will improve my lot, I'm perhaps improving their lot at the same time.” - Brian Kernighan Links: Brian's Homepage Book: Unix: A History and a Memoir Book: Millions, Billions, Zillions: Defending Yourself in a World of Too Many Numbers Book: Understanding the Digital World: What You Need to Know about Computers, the Internet, Privacy, and Security
51 min
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