Bitcoin and Black America
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On this episode of Magic Internet Money, host Brad Mills invites Isaiah Jackson onto the show to discuss how Bitcoin is benefitting the black community. Isaiah informs Brad of how racism is baked into the financial system. Isaiah explains the resistance in the black community towards libertarian mindsets and adopting Bitcoin. The duo discuss their experience in educating others about Bitcoin, including Soulja Boy who has recently inquired about the currency.


00:00:20 - Introduction

00:03:05 - Show start

00:04:10 - Introducing Isaiah Jackson

00:13:37 - The claim with “you got lucky”

00:16:25 - Black Bitcoin Billionaires

00:23:22 - Bitcoin’s early scene and why didn’t more black people join

00:27:19 - Isaiah’s experience with Bitcoin and the black community

00:34:02 - Financial racism towards the black community

00:41:32 - Soulja Boy asking about Bitcoin

00:48:40 - The Tulsa massacre and group economics

00:50:55 - Closing remarks and advice

01:00:42 - Social media plugs

Links to Mentions in the Show


Black Bitcoin Billionaires

Soulja Boy investigating Bitcoin

Tulsa Massacre

Lamar Wilson

Crypto Blockchain Plug

Bitcoin Vegan

Tavonia Evans

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Bitcoin and Black America

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