How to Scale Your Ecommerce Business with Shawn Johal of Elevation Leaders
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Shawn Johal is an entrepreneur, workshop leader, and business growth coach. In 2019, he launched his coaching practice, Elevation Leaders, where he works with companies generating anywhere from $5 million to $200 million in revenue. 

Shawn is also the Co-founder of DALS Lighting, a manufacturer of LED lighting solutions. Under his leadership, the company grew its revenue three times over and established a world-class workplace. Additionally, he is the Director on the Board for the Champions for Life Foundation, an Accelerator Coach for Entrepreneurs’ Organization, and an international best-selling author.

In this episode…

What is the secret to scaling a business? Some companies make the process look easy, but it rarely is. There’s a lot that goes into effective growth, and even the most successful brands can struggle along the way. 

According to business coach Shawn Johal, scaling an e-commerce business takes experience, strategy, and time. While there is no silver bullet, there are steps that every business can take to reliably grow. That’s why Shawn has simplified his approach to four pillars of successful growth. His techniques have worked for companies of all shapes and sizes, and now he’s here to explain how you can make them work for you.

Guillaume Le Tual hosts Shawn Johal, the CEO of Elevation Leaders, to talk about his pillars for effectively scaling an e-commerce business. The two discuss which metrics to track for team success, how to hire the right people for the job, and the importance of setting SMART goals for your company. They also dive into Shawn’s process and break down how each pillar can transform your business’ growth. Learn these tips and more on this episode of the Ecommerce Wizards Podcast.

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