Get Your Glow Back
Get Your Glow Back
Oct 20, 2020
Food Facts and Fiction with Professor Tim Spector OBE
37 min

I’m joined today by Professor Tim Spector OBE, epidemiologist, microbiome expert and one of the leading voices in nutritional science. On today’s episode Tim discusses what so many of us are getting wrong about nutrition, why our labels are lying to us and what the future of food could look like. We covered a whole range of topics from gut health to personalised nutrition and intermittent fasting to uncover what the research behind these food trends really tell us. Show notes on

Power Hour
Power Hour
Studio71 UK & Adrienne Herbert
Dame Kelly Holmes
This week Adrienne speaks to the legendary Col. Dame Kelly Holmes DBE. Setting and still holding the British records in the 800m and 1000m, Kelly is an Olympic, Commonwealth and European champion who has achieved seven Gold, eight Silver and four Bronze medals throughout her career. This includes her iconic double win in the 800m and 1500m at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, making her the first Briton in over 80 years to achieve this. After her Olympic success, she won BBC Sports Personality of the Year, European Athlete of the Year and was honoured with a Damehood from the Queen. In 2008 she founded the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust, the charity that “helps guide disadvantaged young people, getting their lives back on track by using world class athletes to engage, empower and enable the attitudes they need to fulfil a positive life.” The Power Hour podcast gets to know other people’s processes to greatness. Join Adrienne as she invites guest speakers from coaches, creatives and innovators to discuss their daily habits and the key to achieving personal success and well-being. Whether you want to build a business, write a book or run a marathon, the Power Hour is going to help you get there faster! You can follow Adrienne on Instagram / Twitter / Facebook This is a Studio71 production. Producer - Jack Claramunt Assistant Producer - Winnie Simon Exec Producer - Tom Payne & Jody Smith Production Support - Phie McKenzie Outro music by Paul Herbert Music. Produced at Jamz Studio   See for privacy and opt-out information.
47 min
The Shift (on life after 40) with Sam Baker
The Shift (on life after 40) with Sam Baker
sam baker
Erica Davies is here to help you rediscover your fashion mojo
Feel like your wardrobe has turned against you? Your body’s gone awol and you've mislaid your style mojo? This week’s guest is the answer to your sartorial prayers. Fashion journalist Erica Davies’s career spans two decades: at 24 she was the youngest ever national newspaper fashion editor, on The Sun. At 44 she is a legit Instagram influencer – one of very few representing the legion women between 30 and 80! - has over 150,000 followers and has just captured her styling wisdom in a book: Leopard is a neutral. And no, she’s not loaded and she’s not a size 8. She’s a working mum of two with a body to match. Which is why her book is SO useful. Listen on for her advice on what to do when you feel like the fashion industry is shoving you out the door into granny clothes, how to regain your style identity and why fashion rules are, well, frankly, BS. Plus she shares her shopping tricks, personal style icons and the superpower that means she hardly ever sends anything back. The Shift (on life after 40) with Sam Baker is hosted by Sam Baker, produced by Emily Sandford. I’d love to hear what you think - please let me know on twitter @sambaker or instagram @theothersambaker • The Shift - How I (lost and) found myself after 40 - and you can too is out in hardback and available to buy here. • Leopard is a neutral by Erica Davies is out in hardback and available to buy here. Follow Erica on instagram @erica_davies   See for privacy and opt-out information.
41 min
The Good Glow
The Good Glow
Georgie Crawford
9: The Good Glow with Michaela O'Shaughnessy (Life of a Lady Bear)
I'm so excited to speak to Michaela O'Shaughnessy this week. You may know her as Life Of A Lady Bear on Instagram. Michaela is from Galway and moved to New York 6 years ago.  A real Irish success story, Michaela has worked for MTV. Teen Vogue, Glamour and now Instagram.  I really wanted to do a podcast this week that reflected how Irish people abroad may be feeling right now, missing home and unsure what lies ahead for Christmas.  It's been a long year for us all, but everyday I have felt so lucky to have my family just around the corner.  I get messages every week from Irish people living abroad who listen to my podcast - in Australia, Dubai, Canada and the US and i know many of them miss home so much.  I wanted to do something this week to let them know that I hope they are not too lonely and manage to get home this festive season.  Michaela has a fascinating life. She lives on the Upper East Side of New York, she speaks about fellow Irish woman Samantha Barry who hired her and was so supportive.  We speak about the madness of this year, how it made her love New York even more and her advice to people who have a dream.  This podcast is brought to you in partnership with Spotlight Oral Care. Use the discount code GOODGLOW25 on ( to get 25% off the entire range. Follow me on Instagram at Georgie.Crawford ( Or head over to my website (
48 min
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