LCB Ep. 326 - Top 10 Movies of 2020, News of the World Review, Snyder Cut Will Be 4-Hours, and Toys & Ketchup Slices!
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|| (0:00) - Toys! Toys! Ketchup Slice!

|| (15:36) - Ad Read #1

|| (17:17) - Willy Wonka prequel movie

|| (25:33) - Snyder Cut… a 4 HOUR movie!

|| (31:10) - Jurassic World, please die

|| (37:59) – Special song from REM!

|| (41:39) - Liam Neeson, retire!

|| (46:05) - Aaron Sorkin’s Ball

|| (48:57) - Alan Tudyk, not back


|| (1:09:34) - Top 10 Movies of 2020
Bussin' With The Boys
Bussin' With The Boys
Barstool Sports
Nate Bargatze
Recorded: February 15, 2021 Nate Bargatze is one funny MFer. The boy hopped on the bus to catch up with Comp & The Crew, and he did not disappoint. A Nashville native with a new Netflix special coming out March 18 called, "The Greatest Average American," Nate jumps right into things by talking about his own podcasting experience, why consistency is huge, and the process of "making it" in football vs comedy. Next, Nate addresses how difficult the road is for a comic trying to make it, Will gives some insight into why he has always focused on creating business ventures outside of football, and Nate reveals who he thinks had the most impressive rise to fame of any comedian. After that, Will and Nate share how valuable it is to have mentors, the importance of setting attainable goals, and why accountability is crucial. At this point, Nate starts whipping out stories from his comedy journey that leave everybody on the bus rolling, he opens up about how he knew he wanted to be a comedian, and he explains the path his life took to go from a rookie stand-up to a legit world-renowned talent. Then, we hear about Nate's clown father (no, really, his dad was a clown AND a magician), performing in front of tiny crowds, doing shows to audiences who don't speak English, and the worst performance he's ever had. This one's packed with laughs, so beware if you're taking this one to the gym with you. Enjoy. ----- SHOP: FOLLOW THE BOYS Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Website: ----- SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS: Roman: Paint Your Life: - text BOYS to 64000 for 20% off + Free Shipping
1 hr 15 min
Hard Factor
Hard Factor
Hard Factor
2/24: Bare Butt Bit By Bear, Tiger’s Crash, “Elite” Rollerblading Police Force
On Today’s Episode of Hard Factor… [6:15] Pat talks about how AI has been shutting down all youtube chess channels like popular Croatian chess player 'Agadmator’for racism. They were picking up the words ‘white’ ‘black’ and ‘attack’ and thinking uh oh. [14:20] Mark takes us through the social day that some major political players had yesterday like Trump who used a surrogate, Biden who was asked to unfollow a celebrity by that celebrity and Ted Cruz who called his snitch neighbors assholes. [19:30] Wes tells us all about Tiger Woods’ terrible one car crash. His car flipped down a valley and they needed possibly the jaws of life and at a minimum to kick in his windshield to get him out and get him to emergency surgery on both of his legs. Sounds like he will survive more to come this week. [25:20] Will tells us about how 30 Taliban fanatics were being trained by 6 out of towners on “mine making training” in the village of Qitla in the northern Balkh province of Afghanistan. They all failed because they all died blowing themselves up in the local mosque. [29:30] Pat tells us about Theodore Lutton, age 60, and Christine Lutton, 63, of Rogers Ohio who were charged with illegal possession of firearms a number of other crimes but most importantly these monsters were in possession of a dead bald eagle. [35:30] Mark takes us through a double in ‘The Great Outdoors’ segment (RIP John Candy). A woman got her bare butt bit by a bear in an outhouse in southeast Alaska. And in Canada it’s fireball season or meteor season. A beautiful blue flash of light was seen in two Canada provinces from a meteor that may have touched down on earth.   [40:30] Wes tells us about the glorious and extremely ELITE Pakistani rollerblading police force. Criminals stand no chance as this squad says they will roll over crime as long as the foot chase is on smooth surfaces. [44:00] We end the show with listener submitted voice mails. Brought to you by MANSCAPED is the best in men’s below-the-waist grooming.   MANSCAPED offers precision-engineered tools for your family jewels. Get 20% Off + Free Shipping, with the code HARDFACTOR at DOWNLOAD the New Stereo App at for additional Hard Factor Shows on Wednesdays and Fridays - FREE. Download the app and Follow @hardfactormark @hardfactorwill @hardfactorwes @patcassidy and @internbubba to get notified when we go live, and to listen to previous shows. Also sponsored by allows you to mail and ship anytime, anywhere right from your computer. Send letters. Ship packages. And pay a lot less with discounted rates from USPS, UPS, and more. Just go to, click on the Microphone at the TOP of the homepage and type in HARDFACTOR for a four week trial plus free postage and a digital scale. DOWNLOAD/SUBSCRIBE: MERCH: BONUS PODS/DISCORD CHAT: FOLLOW @HardFactorNews on All Socials (Twitter, IG, FB, YT, TikTok, LinkedIn, etc.)
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