LunchWithRikhi's Podcast
What is your identity? South Asian or American? South Asian-American or American-South Asian? The once fine distinction is now blurring and here we are reaping the benefits…supposedly. Instead, we find ourselves fixed in the everlasting quandary, a juxtaposition of sorts: blending that eastern tradition with the western culture. Rest assured, you are not alone in your internal conflict. Have Lunch With Rikhi and realize this. Finally an interactive program to discuss the issues uniquely pertinent to you- the young, conflicted, supposedly “confused” Desi. “Lunch With Rikhi” – during this fun-filled hour, you will be engaged in serious conversation and banter on relevant socio-political issues with fellow lunch patrons, interviews with South Asian and American celebrities, and musical beats, all while indulging in a laugh or two.
LunchWithRikhi's Podcast
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