Love Osho Podcast
Love Osho Podcast
Nov 30, 2020
Episode 115 - Waking Up Through Trauma
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Today our guest is Keith Mitchell. Keith is a motivational speaker, yoga master, and mindfulness coach. In his former life, Keith was a professional football player of the highest calibre. He received several accolades including being chosen to play in the first Pro Bowl and named an All-Pro player. When a severe, spinal injury ended his career, he turned to his breath and the power of meditation. Thus began his path of self-awareness, personal growth, and helping others to achieve the same. He has travelled all over the world, coaching people in the craft of mindfulness, the practice of yoga, the art of meditation, and the importance of self-realisation.

Whilst laying flat on a hospital bed paralysed by a horrific spinal injury which ended his successful football career, Keith discovered conscious breathing and meditation. In his new spiritual path, Keith came across Osho and decided to experience Osho meditations and communal living. Keith is a change-maker who is having a huge impact on the world by making meditation available to thousands of people. Keith is truly inspirational and even led a meditation event at the White House.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

01.50 - Keith’s life-changing traumatic experience

04.20 - Keith discovers conscious breathing 

06.40 - Keith goes deeper into exploring meditation 

08.15 - Keith’s spiritual teachers

09.20 - Keith’s fascination for Osho

13.45 - Keith’s experience with Dynamic Meditation and the Osho Community

18.00 - Keith leads Dynamic Meditation in Hong Kong 

21.00 - How to promote meditation in the Western world

24.30 - Meditation as a practice out of its spiritual context

26.20 - Keith’s book 

28.30 - Keith’s business advice for “positive-impact-business”

32.40 - Keith’s advice on lifestyle and nutrition

36.00 - Keith on waking up, being rebels and more conscious human beings

39.00 - Keith’s latest project: a meditation app for tech companies

44.35 - Keith’s morning routine

45.40 - Keith’s favourite meditation

41.25 - Keith’s top tips for a healthy and mindful life


Keith’s website

Keith’s book

Love Osho Youtube channel

Love Osho Free Guide - How to meditate if you can't sit quietly

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