EU260: Unschooling Stories with Betsey Tufano
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Betsey Tufano, an unschooling mother of two living in Barcelona, Spain, joins me this week! Betsey shares many details about her unschooling journey and about the importance of the internal work that she did along the way. We also discuss how her relationship with her partner has changed and deepened through their choice to unschool, the role of technology in their unschooling lives, some of the challenges they’ve faced, and lots more!

Questions for Betsey

Can you share with us a bit about you and your family? What is everybody interested in right now?

How did you discover unschooling and what did your family’s move to unschooling look like?

What has been one of the more challenging aspects of your unschooling journey so far? Can you share a bit about how you moved through it?

When we were prepping for this call you mentioned that you love how technology weaves through your family’s learning. Technology is a topic that many people find a challenge to navigate. I’d love to hear about your experience!

As we move deeper into unschooling, we find our relationships with our children becoming steeped in connection and trust, but it can sometimes be challenging to extend that to our partners. Can you share how unschooling has deepened your relationship with your spouse? What has that journey looked like? 

What’s something fun you guys have done recently that you don’t think you’d have done before finding unschooling?

Things mentioned in the episode

Pam’s book, Free to Learn


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