Lit AF
Sarah Cohan
Lit AF features hilarious conversations about personal and spiritual growth for the recovering fearful-avoidant attachment style. The fearful-avoidant attachment style suffered from abuse, neglect, and/or trauma during their childhood. We are the most vulnerable population and we need the most help. Guests include all different types of coaches, guides, therapists, and healers from the clinical to the woo. Each episode includes funny and helpful trauma-informed resources to help you on your healing journey. Guests are asked to share their guidance related to common issues for the fearful-avoidant attachment style such as cultivating trust, processing guilt and shame, and overcoming codependency. Join your host, Sarah Cohan, San Francisco-based seeker and comedian for raw, vulnerable, and hilarious conversations. She herself is a recovering fearful-avoidant and shares many of her own personal stories as well. It is her honor to bring you free resources to live a confident, secure, and Lit AF life.
Lit AF
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