Goalden Girls Podcast
Lisa Michaud
How do you set goals and actually achieve them? How do you create an action plan and what are the strategies that make goal getting easy? How do you stay motivated and have fun while achieving your goals? And the biggest question: how can you have it all as a woman: better work-life balance, financial freedom and happiness? Welcome to the Goalden Girls Podcast where we believe you CAN have it all. Together, we answer all these questions and SO much more. Each week, host and Success Coach Lisa Michaud brings you tangible tips, goal-getting strategies, and inspirational stories to help you tackle your biggest dreams and goals. Lisa spills the tricks and hacks she shares with thousands of coaching clients and audiences around the world: the same ones she used to become a millionaire and entrepreneur before she turned 30. But this isn’t just a highlight reel: Lisa shares the real life ups and downs, and the lessons she’s learned so you can move forward in your life so you’re not alone on your goal getting journey. Along with Lisa’s own wisdom, she interviews inspirational guests who will share their stories and secrets to make sure you are motivated, and have the tips you need to reach your dreams and goals. If you’re a woman with big dreams who knows she’s made for more, this show is for you. Get ready to stop wondering how to set goals or wondering IF you can achieve them, and get ready to start turning your big dreams into reality. Goalden Girls Podcast is here to help you leave behind the excuses and face your fears to have more success than you ever imagined. It’s time to tap into your best self and truly, have it all!
Goalden Girls Podcast
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