Women of Impact
Women of Impact
Jun 17, 2020
If You Struggle with Conflict in Your Relationship, Listen To This | Tom Bilyeu on Women of Impact
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Anyone who has been in a long-term relationship knows that you are going to have conflicts; you’re going to have fights. But what are these fights really about? Are arguments about washing the dishes and cleaning the closet really about those issues, or is something deeper happening? On this episode of Women of Impact, Lisa and Tom Bilyeu talk about how to deal with differing values and opposing ideas. They discuss creating shared goals, how they build positive habits, and their methods of making sure that conversations stay open, respectful and honest. And then they give a wonderful example of good communication by examining a real life conflict they have had over making the bed...

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When you are having arguments about money, you are really having conflicts over values [2:48]

Concrete advice on how to minimize financial conflicts [6:59]

When you have a collision of values, part of it is that you are judging each other [9:07]

Why you have to start with shared goals and open discussion of those goals [11:02]

Tom and Lisa discuss corporal punishment, spanking and discipline [14:08]

Tom and Lisa talk about having differing religious beliefs and how they dealt with it [19:50]

What do you do when your habits and routines conflict? [23:47]

How to form habits that help your relationship [27:13]

Whenever you have conflicts over “small issues”, they are actually about deep values [31:10]

The problems that happen when you don’t articulate your values and just project instead [36:47]



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