S2E11: "Ted"
Play • 1 hr 34 min

Buffy discovers all those late nights Joyce has been working were actually to make out with Ted, a computer salesman who looks remarkably like John Ritter. Willow and Xander immediately take to Joyce’s new paramour, but Buffy isn’t so sure. As each encounter with him sets her more on edge, Buffy vows to get to the bottom of Ted’s toxic politeness. That is, until he pushes her over the edge, and Buffy unleashes the power of the Slayer on a mortal.


Hear us discuss…

  • Buffy continues to act more her age here
  • Such a tender scene between Buffy and Angel! Steph SWOONS!
  • Joyce IS ACTUALLY HIGH this entire episode!!
  • Once again with the not believing Buffy, wtf Scoobies?
  • Cordelia’s flawless colour coordination saves the day


Trigger warnings

Domestic abuse/violence, drug abuse, murder


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