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LSFAB0024: Joshua 16-20
Jul 14, 2020 · 19 min
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Bible translation used in today's episode: Ch. 16-17-NET, Ch. 18-19-NKJV, Ch. 20-HCSB Because I do not take outside advertisers who could diminish the message, needs your support. Find out how. Thoughts After reading how the land was divided amongst the tribes, did you notice that just because God promised to give certain pieces of land to the different tribes, they still had to go and conquer that land? God did not just hand it over to them. Yes, He did help them, but they had to do the work. This is often how it works with God’s promises. He makes the promise, but we have to do the work. As an example, in 2004 God told me, “Proclaim my Name.” But he didn’t just magically give me the platform with which to do that. Implied in that command was the promise that He would make my efforts successful, but I had to figure out exactly how to do it. It took a tremendous amount of work to figure out how He wanted me to proclaim His name. Once He did make it clear that I was to create a podcast, I had to find out how to do it. And back in 2004, when podcasting was in its infancy, it was much harder to start a podcast. The tools necessary were like stone-age tools compared to today. But as soon as I published the first episode of the Lifespring! podcast, email from all over the world began to come to my inbox. God was confirming that I was on the right track.  When God makes a promise, He keeps it, but we must also work, with His help.
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