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NewLSFB503.5: The New Lifespring! Family Audio Bible – Hard Drive Woes
Jul 13, 2016 · 1 min
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Well hey everybody. Sorry to say that there will not be a new episode for you today. I’m still having some hard drive problems. I actually need a pair of new hard drives, and until I can scrape together the money to buy them, I’m having to move files to some older drives that I have been using for archiving. This process is very time consuming because there are many terabytes to move, hence the lack of a new show today, and possibly for a few days. If you would like to give a gift to help buy the new hard drives, go to You’ll see a link where you can make a one time donation. Just so you know what my needs are: I need two new 4 TB Seagate drives. One will be for holding most of the data I use on a regular basis, the other will be for backing up. I would like to get a hybrid drive for the primary, and a conventional spinning drive for backup. Amazon’s price for the hybrid drive is $144.99 and $118.99 for the spinning drive. If you could help me buy these drives, I would be very thankful.
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