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NewLSFB486: The New Lifespring! Family Audio Bible – Acts 27 and 28
Jun 12, 2016
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Let’s take a quick look at the end of the the last chapter of Acts. If you’ve been listening to the show for the last few weeks, what Paul quoted to the Jewish leaders should have sounded familiar. He quoted from the book of Isaiah, which we are reading on track one. To be specific, Paul quoted Isaiah 6:9 and 10. When God gave that message to Isaiah, it was a message to the Jewish people. It was one of the times that God had had enough of their rejection of Him. And now, Paul is quoting these verses to the Jewish leaders in Rome because the Lord wants them to know that the message of the Gospel which has been presented to them, and which they rejected, will be taken to the Gentiles, where it will be embraced and accepted. You see, God is patient, but there is a point at which He draws the line. As I record this, it is Sunday afternoon, June 12, 2016. Last night, an Orlando, Florida nightclub which reportedly was known to be popular with the homosexual population was attacked by an avowed ISIS radical, who killed at least 50 and injured as many. Listen very carefully. I don’t want there to be any misunderstandings of my next statement. I believe we are getting very close to the time when God says, “Enough. You have rejected my Son long enough. I have offered you forgiveness through His shed blood, and you have chosen your own way. You refuse to listen to my Holy Spirit as He tries to speak to you, and your ears will not hear and your eyes will not see. Your hearts are hardened. Therefore you cannot turn to me and let me heal you.” Just as this message in Isaiah was not directed toward a specific sin, other than the rejection of God, I do not believe God’s displeasure with mankind today is directed at a specific sin other than the rejection of Christ. Any sin you want to name can be traced back to man’s pride and wanting to be his own master. Adam and Eve’s sin was the pride of wanting to be like God. Every sin is a rejection of God. As our nation and our world falls deeper and deeper into sin and farther and farther away from God, we are seeing more horrendous acts. It’s no wonder, because without God, man is unable to govern himself. Now is the time for each of us…you and me and every believing person on the planet…to get on our knees and pray. Pray for God’s hand in the affairs of the world. Pray that people would open their eyes. Pray for your unsaved family and friends. Time may be short, beloved. Don’t let them be left behind. Be bold. Don’t be cowed by those who will not hear. You have the message of life. Don’t be afraid to share it with those dying around you. And pray for the families who lost loved ones in Orlando.
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