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NewLSFB484: The New Lifespring! Family Audio Bible – Acts 25 and 26
Jun 9, 2016
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Did you ever look at someone famous who is supremely talented, but is not a believer and think, “Just think of the impact they could have if they would live their life for the Lord?” I have, many times. I was born just about the same time as rock & roll. I remember doo wap music playing on the radio, I remember Dave Seville and Alvin and the Chipmunks, I remember The Purple People Eater, Elvis and so many others in the 50s. And then came perhaps the greatest decade of music…the 60s. The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Jefferson Airplane, The Doors, Sir Douglas Quintet, Three Dog Night, Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin. I could go on for hours. Anyway, I’ve often thought, “It’s too bad these guys don’t see that their gift, their talent, is from God. Man, if they would only believe and use that talent for Him! What an impact that would make on the world.” The Apostle Paul, when he was still Saul, was famous in his time. His talent was in studying the Law and persecuting Christians. He was well known as a hater of Christians. Until he met Jesus. Once Jesus changed his life, Paul had the greatest impact of anyone since, besides the Lord Himself. Is there something in your past that you are ashamed of? Something that holds you back from proclaiming your story with boldness? Do you think the people that knew you before will say, “He talks a good talk, but I’ve seen him do some really bad things.” Well guess what. Those things you did before have been forgiven. Sure, they’re part of your history…part of your story…but if Jesus could take a person like Paul and use him, He can surely use you. Paul didn’t hide his past, did he? He acknowledged it, and then he said, “But then I met Jesus!” Your past does not define you. Your relationship with Jesus defines you. Because of that, you are perfect in the sight of God. You have nothing to be ashamed of. Be like Paul. Share your story with confidence. Make an impact in your world.
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