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NewLSFB469: The New Lifespring! Family Audio Bible – Isaiah 13 and 14
May 15, 2016
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These two chapters are the prophecy concerning the destruction of Babylon by the Medes and Persians. God gave this message to Isaiah about two hundred years before the events actually happened. It’s interesting to note that the Medes, who were the main instrument that God used to accomplish Babylon’s destruction, were not a great power when the prophecy was made. As chapter 13 opens, God is bringing the various forces together whom He will use to do His will. And then He describes what will happen when His judgment falls. At the beginning of chapter 14, Isaiah tells of the deliverance of Judah from captivity. Then we are shown a scene from Hell itself, where the defeated king of Babylon is taunted by the kings who he had previously vanquished, after which we hear the voices of the Jews as they speak to the fallen Babylonian king. Almighty God then speaks when He tells of the utter destruction of Babylon. My favorite part of today’s reading was verse 27 from chapter 14. It said, “For the Lord of hosts has purposed, And who will annul it? His hand is stretched out, And who will turn it back?” When God says something will come to pass, nothing in all the universe can stop it. He is sovereign. He is Almighty. He. Is. God. He is to be respected. He is to be revered. He is holy. He is righteous. He is worthy to be praised. He is the One who judges the proud and who is merciful to the humble. He is the One, the only One we need today and forevermore. This song beautifully captures the humble spirit that God is looking for. Enjoy. .
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