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REPOST: LSFB001_10: Lifespring Family Bible…John 1-2
Mar 31, 2016 · 14 min
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REPOST FROM JAN 10, 2010 Welcome to the fourth year of the Lifespring Family Bible. I'm Steve Webb, your host. This is the first episode of a one year journey through the entire Bible. We'll be reading about 88 verses per day, and we will begin with the NT book of John, after which we will go the OT book of Genesis. As you might surmise from beginning this way, we are not going to read the Bible from front to back. Actually what we'll do is go back and forth from the two major divisions of the Bible, the Old and New Testaments. The reason for this is that as a Christian, I don't want to wait until we're seven or eight months into this before we get to the New Testament! I love the Old Testament as much as I do the New Testament, it's all God's Word, but I am a person who believes in balance, and I want to experience the OT and NT as we go through the year together. In the first few episodes, I'll be reading a few different modern language translations, beginning in this episode with the New International Version. I'll finally be settling on the Net Bible, courtesy of the good folks at Speaking of other folks, I would like to acknowlege the wonderful Lifespring Allies for helping to support the Lifespring Family Bible. So far, there have been well over a million downloads of the Lifespring Family Bible, and many hundreds of hours invested in production of the episodes. The Lifespring Allies are listeners, just like you, who make financial gifts to the Lifespring Media ministry to help pay the bandwidth and media storage bills that do mount up. If you would like to become a part of the Lifespring Allies and partner with us to get the Word of God onto the computers and mp3 players and other devices of people around the world, I would be most appreciative. Just log onto for details. This year, the only commercial messages you will hear will be an occasional spot that I produce for my own vo services, or other projects that I may be involved with. Yes, I am a professional vo artist. What's a vo artist? Well, I do radio commercials, corporate video narration, video game narration and acting, audio books, and, well, pretty much anything that requires a voice, announcer, or whatever. I've done projects for church productions and podcasts, and of course, there is the Lifesprng Family Bible, that you're listening to right now. I would really appreciate it if you would recommend me to the people you may know who might need my services. Is your church doing a play and in need of a narrator? I'm your guy. Is your business or employer doing a video for use on the internet? Send them to Know someone who needs a podcast intro? Give them my name. This is the way I help to pay the family bills these days, and I would consider it a personal favor if you would send some business my way.
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