The Life You Crave
Lia Pinelli
The Life You Crave is the place for simple, sustainable weight loss for women who have better things to do than diet. On this podcast you’ll learn how willpower and discipline are completely irrelevant to sustainable weight loss. Let's stop counting calories, carbs, and macros, and start spending time on what really matters: your career, your family, your health, and maybe even being a better role model to the next generation of girls. Most importantly, you’re going to learn that there’s nothing wrong with you. The diet industry is profiting off of our confusion, desperation, and overwhelm. This is total B.S. The secret to simple, sustainable weight loss is a combination of WHAT you eat, and how you THINK about food. Welcome to the beginning of a brand new, totally different approach to weight loss. Buckle up! You just might enjoy the ride this time.
The Life You Crave
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