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Jan 10, 2021
Linux Action News 171
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We explain the recent Qt upset, and then go hands-on with the new PeerTube release.

Plus Wendell from Level1Techs joins us to discuss his thoughts on porting Linux to the Apple M1.

Special Guest: Wendell Wilson.

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Allan Jude
390: Commercial Unix Killer
Did Linux kill Commercial Unix, three node GlusterFS setup on FreeBSD, OpenBSD on the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Nano (1st Gen), NetBSD on EdgeRouter Lite, TLS Mastery first draft done NOTES This episode of BSDNow is brought to you by Tarsnap ( Headlines Did Linux Kill Commercial Unix? ( Sales of commercial Unix have fallen off a cliff. There has to be something behind this dramatic decline. Has Linux killed its ancestor by becoming a perfectly viable replacement, like an operating system version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers? Wireguard: Simple and Secure VPN in FreeBSD ( A great article by Tom Jones about setting up Wireguard on FreeBSD *** Setup a Three Node Replicated GlusterFS Cluster on FreeBSD ( GlusterFS (GFS) is the open source equivalent to Microsoft's Distributed Filesystem (DFS). It's a service that replicates the contents of a filesystem in real time from one server to another. Clients connect to any server and changes made to a file will replicate automatically. It's similar to something like rsync or syncthing, but much more automatic and transparent. A FreeBSD port has been available since v3.4, and (as of this post) is currently at version 8.0 with 9.0 being released soon. News Roundup OpenBSD on the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Nano (1st Gen) ( Lenovo has finally made a smaller version of its X1 Carbon, something I’ve been looking forward to for years. NetBSD on the EdgeRouter Lite ( NetBSD-current now has pre-built octeon bootable images (which will appear in NetBSD 10.0) for the evbmips port, so I decided to finally give it a try. I've been happily running OpenBSD/octeon on my EdgeRouter Lite for a few years now, and have previously published some notes including more detail about the CPU. “TLS Mastery” first draft done! ( Beastie Bits A Thread on a FreeBSD Desktop for PineBook Pro ( FOSSASIA Conference - March 2021(Virtual) ( WireGuard for pfSense Software ( NetBSD logo to going Moon ( *** ###Tarsnap This weeks episode of BSDNow was sponsored by our friends at Tarsnap, the only secure online backup you can trust your data to. Even paranoids need backups. ### Producer's Note > Hey everybody, it’s JT here. After our AMA episode where I mentioned I was looking for older BSD Retail Copies, I was contacted by Andrew who hooked me up with a bunch of OpenBSD disks from the 4.x era. So shout out to him, and since that worked so well, I figured I'd give it another shot and ask that if anyone has any old Unixes that will run on an 8088, 8086, or 286 and you're willing to send me copies of the disks. I've recently dug out an old 286 system and I’d love to get a Unix OS on it. I know of Minix, Xenix and Microport, but I haven’t been able to find many versions of them. I've found Microport 1.3.3, and SCO Xenix... but that's about it. Let me know if you happen to have any other versions, or know where I can get them. Feedback/Questions Christian - ZFS replication and verification ( Iain - progress ( Paul - APU2 device ( *** Send questions, comments, show ideas/topics, or stories you want mentioned on the show to ( ***
56 min
Ask Noah Show
Ask Noah Show
Noah J. Chelliah
Episode 219: Studying Gnome Users
The Gnome design team conducted a research project to better understand their users. The results were surprising! We'll give you an update about the Vero 4K, a FOSS app to track your GPS history. -- During The Show -- 01:15 IT War/Disaster Stories Call Out Got IT horror stories, let us know! We want to do an episode on them Email 02:00 Jon caller Emailed about Noah's soft spot for Red Hat Latest thoughts on System76 PopOS! Home Lab/Docker Questions 12:40 Vircadia VR Responds to Episode - Vadim FOSDEM Talk ( 13:50 Building an Online Presence - Joel Don't buy lifetime services/domain names - Not sustainable business model Don't buy a domain in your real name A records - etc.mydomain.comment Redirects Start with a web server, lessons learned apply everywhere 21:00 User responds for MS SQL - Richard rdiff-backup - like rsync with history Other backup utilities backuppc veaam (closed source) redic (with rclone) restic Send in your backup solutions! 23:00 Pick of the Week - Zombie Tracker GPS Lightweight Linux+KDE equivalent to Garmin's "Basecamp" Manages collections of GPS tracks Local Data Charting, Graphing, Advanced sorting and querying Live GPS via GPSD ( 26:10 Gadget of the Week Blackmagic Decklink Duo ( SDI is the professional version of HDMI HDMI without copy protection Make your own cables with RG-6+quad shielded+BNC ends, use them as SDI cables. Works with Linux, you do need to install the driver, but FLAWLESS as compared to USB devices Much higher quality / capacity You will need to convert HDMI to SDI 31:00 Gnome 40 - UX Changes The Research Gnome Blog Post ( 40:00 Vero 4K Update Very well packaged system Incredible UI - Couldn't believe it was Kodi underneath Both RF and IR functionality Includes wall mounting plate Doesn't stream Blu-rays over WiFi Plays DVD rips just fine Vero 4K ( 47:30 Plasma New app launcher Breeze Twilight - Hybrid Theme Plasma Firewall settings page (ufw and firewalld) More effort put into Wayland support in Kwin 49:50 Pine Updates -- The Extra Credit Section -- For links to the articles and material referenced in this week's episode check out this week's page from our podcast dashboard! This Episode's Podcast Dashboard ( Phone Systems for Ask Noah provided by Voxtelesys ( Join us in our dedicated chatroom #AskNoahShow on Freenode! -- Stay In Touch -- Find all the resources for this show on the Ask Noah Dashboard Ask Noah Dashboard ( Need more help than a radio show can offer? Altispeed provides commercial IT services and they’re excited to offer you a great deal for listening to the Ask Noah Show. Call today and ask about the discount for listeners of the Ask Noah Show! Altispeed Technologies ( Contact Noah live [at] -- Twitter -- Noah - Kernellinux ( Ask Noah Show ( Altispeed Technologies (
56 min
Chris Fisher
350: Biden's Mixed Message
It seems the Biden Administration can't get their message straight around COVID-19. I'll break down the problem, and the answers we still need. Plus my take on the winter situation in Texas, and why DC remains occupied by the National Guard. Video: 350: Live Video Stream - UnfilterTube ( 350: Overtime - UnfilterTube ( Links: Hot mic catches Kudlow saying 'bull----' on Fox News | TheHill ( One night in Cancun: Ted Cruz’s disastrous decision to go on vacation during Texas storm crisis - The Washington Post ( WH Press Secretary Psaki clarifies Biden's answers in CNN Town Hall | 2/17/21 - YouTube ( Pfizer-BioNTech Vaccine Is Highly Effective After One Dose and Can Be Stored in Normal Freezers, Data Shows - WSJ ( Bitcoin’s market cap breaks $1 trillion after tripling in three months ( Ted Cruz flew to Cancún as millions of Texans endure power outages | The Texas Tribune ( Manhattan D.A. Recruits Top Prosecutor for Trump Inquiry – DNyuz ( Ghislaine Maxwell said Epstein DID have tapes of Trump and Clintons | Daily Mail Online ( Texas was minutes away from monthslong power outages, officials say | The Texas Tribune ( Sen. Ted Cruz arrives back in Texas with armed police escort ( EU says copyright laws make situation different from ... ( Facebook to Label Climate Change Posts Like Covid, Vote Content ( Texas Spins Into the Wind - WSJ ( Instagram Announces Policing Of Private Direct Messages, Law Enforcement Team-Up In Latest ‘Hate Speech’ Crackdown | The Daily Wire ( Two Million? Five Million? Real Size of U.S. Blackouts a Mystery ( Texans wake up cold, 2.7 million households without power ( ‘My Face Is Freezing’: North Texans Share Misery Of Lengthy Power Outages – CBS Dallas / Fort Worth ( Texas Power Outages to Drag Into Third Day as Deep Freeze Persists - WSJ ( Pentagon report reveals inroads white supremacists have made in military ( Texas’ power grid crumples under the cold | Ars Technica ( Frozen Wind Farms Just a Small Piece of Texas’s Power Woes - Bloomberg ( Israel Blocks Shipment of COVID-19 Vaccines To Gaza | News | teleSUR English ( Anthony Fauci wins Israel's Dan David $1m prize for 'defending science' - BBC News ( Thriving Palm Beach scene draws Fifth Avenue retailers during Covid ( While the rest of the country freezes, Florida’s sunny beaches overflow with crowds ( Dem's lawsuit accuses Trump of inciting deadly Capitol riot ( Coldest Outbreak in Over 30 Years Smashes Records in Southern Plains; Some Relief By Next Week | The Weather Channel - Articles from The Weather Channel | ( North Texas Man Living In His Car Due To Hours Without Power To His Home – CBS Dallas / Fort Worth ( Another storm heading to snow-slammed South - ABC News ( ( Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick Dies from Injuries in Pro-Trump Riot - The New York Times ( Pelosi calls for 9/11-style commission on Capitol insurrection | The Independent ( ( FBI arrests Daniel Baker for urging armed response to far-right protesters - The Washington Post ( Trump looks to reassert himself after impeachment acquittal ( Bill Gates Has a Master Plan for Battling Climate Change - WSJ ( FBI Informant Panic Is Ruining Friendships All Over the Far Right ( The agency founded because of 9/11 is shifting to face the threat of domestic terrorism ( Newsom's 1-million COVID vaccine promise exposes data issues - Los Angeles Times ( 94% drop in symptomatic COVID cases among Israel's vaccinated - study - The Jerusalem Post ( Calcifediol Treatment and COVID-19-Related Outcomes by Xavier Nogués, Diana Ovejero, J. M. Quesada-Gomez, Roger Bouillon, Dolores Arenas, Julio Pascual, Judith Villar-Garcia, Abora Rial, Carme Gimenez-Argente, ML. Cos, Jaime Rodriguez-Morera, Isabel Campodarve, Robert Guerri-Fernandez, Marta Pineda-Moncusí, Natalia García-Giralt :: SSRN ( Twitter bans right-wing activist group Project Veritas…
55 min
Sudo Show
Sudo Show
Destination Linux Network
19: Sunburst and Securing Your Supply Chain
Today, Brandon and Eric take a look Solarburst, the Solar Winds vulnerability that led to one of the biggest breaches in years. You'll get their take on the impact as well as stop by the Productivity Corner to discuss 30-60-90. All that and more on this episode of the Sudo Show! Destination Linux Network ( Sudo Show Website ( Sponsor: Digital Ocean ( Sponsor: Bitwarden ( Sudo Show Swag ( UPDATED! Contact Us: DLN Discourse ( Email Us! ( Matrix: Digital Ocean: Jump Start Your Startup with DigitalOcean App Platform ( SolarWinds ( OpenNMS ( Fireeye ( Sunburst: Arstechnica: Feds Wrn that Solarwinds Hackers Likely Used Other Ways to Breach Networks ( Arstechnica: Microsoft is Reportly Added to the Growing List of Victims ( ZDNet: The More We Learn the Worse It Looks ( CNN: US Officials Scramble to Deal with Suspected Russian Hack of Government Agencies ( Open Source Hacks: Mint: Beware of Hacked ISOs ( Fossbyes: Fake Kodi Repos Hijack GitHub ( The Register: Leaky S3 Buckets ( Protecting Your Supply Chain: Docker Certification Program ( ReproducibleBuilds.Org ( Tidelift ( Linux Foundation: Preventing Supply Chain Attacks Like Solarwinds ( Open Source Security Foundation ( Palo Alto: What is a Zero Trust Architecture ( GitHub: Third Party Code Scanning ( GitLab: Dependency Scanning ( Productivity Corner: 30-60-90 Amazon: The First 90 Days, Michael D. Watkins ( Disclaimer, this is an Affiliate link. A percentage of your purchase will go to support the Sudo Show!
31 min
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