The WAN Show
The WAN Show
Jan 25, 2021
Intel is Staging a BIG Comeback! - WAN Show January 22, 2021
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Timestamps (Courtesy of MattDog_222):

0:15 Topic Preview

1:27 Intro

2:07 Intel beats Q4 targets with records

 3:11 Intel's Numbers were leaked "hacked" and officially released early

 3:50 Glenn Hinton returns to Intel

 5:15 Nehalem

 7:53 Hinton's words on returning

 9:17 Super smart people think of super smart things (

 11:08 What Ian Cutress from Tech Tech Potato suspects

 11:53 Luke interjects about business leadership

 14:18 Linus/LMG's leadership perspective

 16:28 Do Luke's paychecks clear?

 17:30 Recognizing the people behind a company + Competition

 20:07 You have to look at the motivation

 21:28 Is this the first major move to combat AMD?

 22:49 Key talent attracts key talent

24:23 Google threatens to pull out of Australia over new link tax laws

 25:05 Explanation of the 'link tax' law

 26:40 Google is fearful of precedents set

 27:11 Google tests value of Australian news

 27:45 James' take + James 

 28:21 James currently banned on Twitter

 28:54 James reaching out to Twitter (x2)

 30:27 Argument about being paid for something

 32:00 Concluding Google topic

32:18 Sponsors

 32:20 KernelCare Enterprise

 33:25 FreshBooks

 34:25 Pulseway

35:19 LTT Store: Underwear in stock

36:50 LTT Store: Special Edition Holofoil Shirt

37:25 NVIDIA Max-Q changes 

 38:45 NVIDIA's Statement about the changes

 40:38 Max-P isn't an official term

42:57 Raspberry Pi Launches $4 Pi Pico

 43:40 Pi Pico's Specs

 45:51 Luke's next famous quote + Min-maxing Hardware

 48:05 Explaining to the YouTube audience what a stream is

49:00 LMG: Job Positions/Openings + Descriptions

51:02 VIK-on YouTube mods RTX2070 to 16GB VRAM

53:18 Twitter accused of profiting from CP + Trafficking 

56:11 Some LMG job links are bugged

56:47 Superchats

 56:55 Kirk or Picard (Star Trek) discussion

 59:58 Luke's VR Setup & old living space revealed

1:07:11 Conclusion + LTT Store reminder and Floatplane solving Luke's old videos

1:09:00 Outro + Outro 2

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