The WAN Show
The WAN Show
Mar 8, 2021
You can buy Intel's Unreleased CPU RIGHT NOW - WAN Show March 5, 2021
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Timestamps (Courtesy of MMAPSFAWNMR)

00:00:09 ----- Synopsis of Topics (AnandTechs 11700K review, Verified Actual Gamer Program, Google is a privacy company now, Arizona House Bill).

00:01:45 ----- Intro.

00:02:17 ----- Luke feels robbed and asks Linus where the new WAN Show intro is.

00:02:40 ----- How AnandTech published their full review of the Intel Core i7-11700K nearly two weeks early and how NDAs work.

00:03:14 ----- Quick sponsor announcement: Redux, Ridge Wallet, and Square Space.

00:15:03 ----- Tech specs of the Intel Core i7-11700K.

00:23:32 ----- Nvidia is working with GPU miners. The 3060 ATH mining limiter rumored to be on the 3080 Ti as well.

00:32:26 ----- Big Reveal: Sometime next week, Linus Media Group will be launching the Verified Actual Gamer Program (not a giveaway).

00:44:59 ----- Sponsor spot: Redux.

00:45:54 ----- Sponsor spot: Ridge Wallet.

00:46:32 ----- Sponsor spot: Square Space.

00:48:53 ----- Questions about the Verified Actual Gamer Program.

00:49:40 ----- Google is now a privacy company.

00:55:01 ----- LTT Store new shirt.

00:56:53 ----- AMDs 6700XT paper launcher.

01:00:02 ----- 8-year-old Fortnite pro (Joseph Dean).

01:02:19 ----- LTT Store desk pad update.

01:02:51 ----- Arizona House Bill that would require an allowance for third party payment on app platforms.

01:09:58 ----- Super Chats.

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