The WAN Show
The WAN Show
Feb 23, 2020
I WAS RIGHT!! - WAN Show Feb 21, 2020
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Timestamps: (Courtesy of Loshan T)

0:20: Luke gives an overview of today's WAN show
1:25 Intro
1:56: Linus on YouTube's Premier VoD system
4:58: 1st topic - Nissan Switch a cars-as-a-service subscription scheme
11:03: More info on Nissan vehicle subscription scheme.
12:00 - 13:50: "I will never drink off-brand cola" & "I have never experienced the urge to pee that suddenly and that badly [...] in my life"
15:20 Story on how Linus purchase's a minivan.
24:20: back to the first topic yet again...
28:25: Sponsors
36:33: 2nd topic - Swiss halts their rollout of 5G over health concerns
38:42: discussion on insomnia over 5g health concerns & anxiety being caused by RF
42:35: TCL slide-out display phone images leaked
43:21: Luke wants Linus to 'enhance' the leaked images, and they analyse the photos in great detail!
45:58 HTC Project Proton
47:39: Linus reads a 'funny' superchat.
48:44: PCI Express 6.0
51:00: Superchat donations
52:51: LTX Expo info + confirmed creators roster.
58:51: "WAIT! WAIT!": LTT Minecraft server reveal!!!

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