What If We Loved Like Jesus Loved? by Ralph Waldow

John 3:16 Love is initiated by God in giving His son, and His son died for us.

Mat 22:36-40
Great commandments
a. Love God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind
b. Love your neighbor as yourself

Eph 3:16-19 Rooted and established in love

1 John3:11-18
We love one another. Remaining in love points to the spiritual reality of God (who is love) in Christ (who demonstrated God’s love) in you.

Our practical application of this love is 2 ways:
1. Vertical - between you and God
2. Horizontal - between you and the ones close to you.

Examples of How JC Loved

Mat 4:1-11
Devil tempting him. He loved by speaking the truth to God’s arch-enemy.

Mat 5:1-16
JC loved by sharing how we can have blessed lives

Mat 5:21-25
Murder &anger

Mat 5:27-30
Adultery &lust

Mat 5:31-42
Divorce, oaths, eye for eye

Mat 5:43-48
Loving our enemies

Mat 6
Giving to needy, prayer, fasting, storing treasures in heaven, don’t worry

Mat 7:1-5
Don’t judge others.

Mat 7:7-29
Ask, seek, knock; the narrow gate; identifying true and false prophets; identifying true and false disciples; how to be a wise builder

Mat 8:23-27
Exemplifies faith vs. worry

John 13:4-17
Lovingly washes his disciples’ feet to show the joy of serving others

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